Irish Stew

Are you looking for an Irish stew recipe? Do you want to know about all the many different Irish stew varieties available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right stew for your meal…

Irish Stew Recipes

Irish stew recipes are available over the Internet. Meat and vegetarian Irish stew recipes can be obtained online, including fish and fowl. Irish stew is a wholesome meal that is both nutritious and filling, which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Irish Lamb Stew

Delicious lamb stew has been exported by the Irish to every foreign land that they’ve settled in. Local variations of Irish lamb stew incorporate regionally available ingredients that result in tender cubes of lamb meat stewed in a variety of vegetables and spices for a full flavor.

Crockpot Irish Stew

For busy professionals, crockpot Irish stew is an excellent choice for a quick meal. With the timer, you can mix the meat and vegetables in the crockpot with water, stout or wine, then leave for work whilst the food cooks slowly. You can have scrumptious lamb or beef stew ready when you’re home.

Vegetarian Irish Stew

Vegetarian Irish stew is gaining popularity amongst vegans who want the texture of lamb or beef in their stew but without the actual meat. You can use seitan as a substitute for lamb, beef, fowl or fish, and cook the vegetarian stew with generous amounts of vegetables and Guinness stout for a rich and satisfying meal.

Irish Beef Stew

Irish beef stew is an authentic Irish dish that’s been served for generations. Beef is stewed with plenty of potatoes and carrots into a delicious broth over a slow fire. With the addition of Irish beer or stout into the simmering stew, you’re sure to find the broth delectable and the meal hearty.

Traditional Irish Stew

Traditional Irish stew is a national favorite in Ireland and in every country with large Irish communities. Staples like potatoes and carrots are the usual vegetables cooked together with lamb or beef meat in a large skillet over a low fire for many hours for a tasty and nourishing stew.

Corned Beef Irish Stew

Corned beef is cooked with potatoes, onions and carrots with green peas and herbs to produce a delicious Irish stew. The thick sauce is flavored with beef stock and the long simmering makes the corned beef tender and succulent to taste. Often, the Irish community serves corned beef stew as the main meal for all the family as it’s packed with nutrition.

Irish Seafood Stew

The abundance of Irish seafood resulted in the cooking of Irish seafood stew, a thick and tasty broth that’s a nourishing and filling sustenance. The variety of seafood that goes into making Irish seafood stew gives high fiber content to the dish with the inclusion of shrimps and green peas. Wholesome seafood stew can be a meal in itself and easily prepared with readily available ingredients.

Irish stew is a healthy, nutritious and filling dish that can be cooked in a variety of imaginative ways with a host of different ingredients from spices to white wine.

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