American Eagle Silver Bullion

Interested in the American eagle silver bullion? Discover the official bullion coin of the United States…

The silver American eagle bullion is regarded as a highly affordable beauty amongst the collection of coins out there. Silver has been identified to be a precious metal for many years. But it was only in 1986 that the U.S began minting silver bullion coins.

The U.S had no real intention of starting silver coin minting but it faced great pressure from foreign silver coins such as the Canadian Maple leaf. The U.S had to start its own silver coin minting in order to compete with its Canadian counterpart. The American eagle silver coins soon outclassed the Canadian Maple leaf to become the best selling silver coins in the world. Over 130 million American eagle silver coins have been sold since they came into minting from 1986.

Financial advisors have recommended silver eagle coins to be ideal for expert and novice investors. The main reason behind this is the fact that they come with a U.S Government Guarantee. These silver coins have officially been given the status of a legal tender by the U.S government. The United States Mint ensures that the weight and content along with the purity of the silver is maintained in each minting. This is why potential investors can purchase these coins with full confidence because their value is guaranteed by the government.

As it is precious metals are a wise area to invest in. Being a highly valued metal silver is always a good choice. American Eagle silver coins in particular are an excellent choice due to their affordability. Recent trends have indicated a decline in the production of silver. At the same time the demand for the coins is likely to increase. This makes it the perfect time to invest in American eagle silver bullion coins.

Unlike the proof silver eagle coins the bullion variety is very easy to purchase. At the same time they have an ever ready market and can be sold off to any precious metal dealer or coin collector. Since these coins have a world wide recognition they can be sold anywhere in the world. This makes investing in American silver eagle coins a highly flexible opportunity. Furthermore the purchase and sales of these coins are a private affair and will in no case be reportable.

While being a great investment on one end, American silver eagle coins are beautiful works of art as well. They have a stunning brilliance due to their quality and design that is highly revered amongst coin collectors over the world. The silver eagle coin is also credited with having the highest pure silver content amongst all the U.S coins. With the unique image of the walking liberty by Adolph A Weinman on one end and the shielded heraldic eagle on the other, the American eagle silver coin is truly worth treasuring for its value and beauty.

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