Irish Worry Rings

Interested in buying Irish worry rings? Explore this unique variety of rings originating from the Irish culture…

Are you worried? Is anxiety overcoming you? You should try getting yourself an Irish worry ring which is a fine piece of jewelry with a purpose. This unique concept jewelry features a spin band that can serve as a release for tension and stress.

How does this work you may be asking? Well, the rings are designed in such a manner that they have a base band with another manually rotatable band on top of it. So while the wearer has the ring on his fingers he can continue rotating the upper band which brings some sort of harmony and relief. No, Irish worry rings are nothing magical but the concept sure seems to have sound psychological groundings.

Now you may be thinking the concept is interesting but these rings must look awkward. Wait till you explore the collection of Irish rings because you will be amazed at the kind of brilliant designs that have been produced as worry rings. They are neither ugly nor heavy, rather they are delicate, intricate and truly amazing.

Due to the spinning motion of the upper band these rings are also popularly known as spinner rings. Silver happens to be the medium of choice for the development of such rings. This is because it is cost effective and resilient enough to sustain the constant manual rotation by the wearer. Of course the aesthetic appeal of silver is unquestionable.

Some of the impressive designs available in the market are as follows:

Sterling Silver Celtic Heart Knot Spinner Ring

Made using top quality sterling silver this Irish worry ring features a repetitive pattern of hearts and Celtic knots. These are two of the biggest identity forming symbols of Irish culture. The ring has been modeled on to the Tibetan Prayer Wheel with an inner band that freely spins around the ring. It is the center of the ring that spins. This amazing Irish worry ring is available in the market for $34.

Sterling Silver Lunar Moon Phase Spin Band Ring Size 8

The classic ring has an outer band with the ability to spin over the inner band revealing the different phases of the lunar cycle. The phases of the moon display themselves in white upon the black surface of the ring. This is one of the most unique ring designs that you will be able to find out there. As you sit spinning the outer band to relieve your worries you will also get to see the cycle of the moon as it goes from a crescent to a full moon. This Irish worry ring model is available in the market for $38.

Sterling Silver Rainbow Celtic Knot Spin Ring

The silver spinner ring features a pattern of rainbow enameled hearts and Celtic knots that repeats itself throughout the surface. Modeled after the Tibetan prayer wheel this worry ring has the spinning motion complimented by the colorful hearts making it a great buy.

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