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Looking for real estate in Majahual? Want to know where the best real estate deals are in Majahual? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Real estate in Mexico, particularly along the Yucatan Peninsula and the idyllically beautiful Costa Maya, is fast becoming the buzz word among many real estate investment professionals in the US. With the housing market in the US suffering in recent years, investors are looking to untapped resources in Mexico where the next big property boom is set to take place. While everyone knows where Cancun is, and perhaps even Puerto Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen, Majahual has, up until recently, more or less managed to keep a low profile keeping off the radars of many real estate hunters. In terms of real estate investment this makes Majahual a particularly attractive prospect.

Majahual: Prime Real Estate Location

Majahual is locate on the southern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula which is where most people from the US take their vacation in Mexico and is also where most US buyers end up purchasing there real estate. The Yucatan Peninsula is on the Eastern side of Mexico overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Without a doubt the most famous town in the Yucatan Peninsula is Cancun, followed by Playa Del Carmen and perhaps Cozumel.  However, outside of these tourist hotspots there are still vast areas of the Yucatan Peninsula with just as much natural beauty that have as of yet been untouched by large scale real estate development and mass tourism.  In fact the Costa Maya, which is a 57 mile strip of pristine golden beaches that lies just a short drive south from Cancun, happens to be the most talked about piece of real estate land in the industry at the moment. Mjahual is located at the southern end of the Costa Maya.

Real Estate Prices in Majahual

Real estate prices in Majahual look set to sore over the next decade or so. Although the real estate boom has already begun and price of real estate are already double what they would have been worth just a few years ago, by all accounts the real estate boom in Majahual is still in its beginning stages. A main cause for the confidence of real estate investors in Majahual is that the Mexican government has already declared their explicit intention to develop the Costa Maya in the hop of bringing in important revenue from tourism. Part of these development plans includes an area wide provision of water and electricity and other infrastructure as well as various incentives to build up the tourism industry in the area.

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