Kathy Ireland Blinds

Interested in buying Kathy Ireland blinds? Discover the brilliance of the unique collection of blinds produced by Kathy Ireland…

Make a fashion statement as you seek protection from the sun for your home windows with Kathy Ireland blinds. The unique blinds from the company can add the ultimate finishing touch to your interior décor. You will be able to find blinds in various designs and mediums produced by the company.

Aluminum Blinds

Whether you are looking for a classic look or a contemporary one, aluminum blinds are ideal. With Kathy Ireland aluminum blinds you have style, reliability, durability and affordability all in one. The vast collection of aluminum blinds from the company will surely have something that meets your functions and sense of style.

These blinds are available in different sizes ranging from the mini blinds to macro blinds. Hence you can choose the appropriate size for your windows. Furthermore they have new and unique operating systems that let you adjust the lighting according to your will.

Faux Wood Blinds

This is your practical alternative to ordinary wood blinds. With Kathy Ireland you have versatility at an affordable price. The best thing about these blinds is that they will not fade nor crack. Furthermore they have the ability to withstand direct sunlight all day long making them ideal for a place that receives direct sunlight. You will be able to find these blinds in wood tone stains as well as multiple shades of white. Tilting slats enable you to adjust the lighting control and privacy.

Wood Blinds

If you are looking to make a profound fashion statement then wood blinds can do the trick from your room. You will be able to find wood blinds ranging from casual to formal. They are best if you want to add some warmth to your room. The light control and privacy that wood blinds have to offer stands unparalleled. With every degree of slant your room will get a whole new feel.

Wood blinds are available in fresh painted whites, oil rubbed finishes, luxurious stains, designer valances and decorative cloth tapes. Rustic wood and visible knots are other varieties worth considering.

Kathy Ireland Alloute Light Louvers

This is a unique mixture that gives you a soft fabric finish with the architectural magnificence of a wood shutter. At the same time these blinds from Kathy Ireland will be offering you traditional light control and privacy. The blinds feature elliptical shaped fabric louvers filters that work to soften the incoming light. Open these blinds and your room will completely lighten up. With the blinds closed you won’t be able to see a thing even in broad day light.

Kathy Ireland Odysee Insulating Blinds

Get the look and feel of traditional wood blinds with cellular shades from these Kathy Ireland blinds. Not only can you open and close these blinds rather you can also expand and compress the veins. Odysee blinds from Kathy Ireland let you choose the look you want.

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