Kathy Ireland Purses

Looking for a Kathy Ireland purse? Explore the diverse variety of purses developed by Kathy Ireland…

If you are looking for affordable purses that give you utility and style then you will surely find Kathy Ireland’s collection of purses to be meeting these requirements. The model turned entrepreneur has purses amongst the extensive list of designer products that she produces.

Some of the most interesting Kathy Ireland purses are as follows:

Kathy Ireland Tote Bag

If you are looking for the ultimate career lady purse then this tote bag will do you just fine. This shoulder bag has three compartments that allow you to organize things in an access ready way. At the same time it has a very sleek, stylish and sophisticated look. The tote bag makes a very put together handy bag that career women, school girls and everyday shoppers can benefit from.

The three compartments have one middle compartment with a snap shut mechanism and two other full sized zippered compartments on either side. The shell of the bag is 100% polyester with 100% cotton lining. The bag measures 11 inches in length and is 12 inches high with a width of 4 inches making it easy to carry yet practical enough to help you keep organized.

Kathy Ireland Black Nylon Purse

This is a simple yet stylish purse from Kathy Ireland. The bag has been made out of black nylon which is accented by a silver tone. The great thing about this bag is that it is formal when you want it to be and casual when you need it to be. The main pocket has a Velcro close mechanism. Inside the bag has a smaller zippered pocket to keep your valuables in. The bag also has two exterior pockets one at the back and the other in the front. The adjustable shoulder bag lets you fix the drop between 16 to 20 inches to get the right comfort. This simple stylish bag is eight inches wide and eight and a half inches tall with a depth of only two inches. This is your cash and carry bag, not a full time organizer.

Ladies Kathy Ireland Bag Purse Gray

This is a brand new addition to the collection of impressive purses by Kathy Ireland. The bag seems to be small and compact in size yet it has lots of room and intelligently divided compartments. You will find the bag to have two pockets on the back and front on the outside. On the inside the bag features an additional zippered compartment with slots for cell phones and credit cards. The bag has two hand straps that hang twelve inches which can also be used as a shoulder strap. The bag is compact yet has lots of organization space for the user. It measures eight and a half inches wide and six and a half inches long with a depth of just two inches.

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