Kathy Ireland Standard Beds

Interested in Kathy Ireland standard beds? Discover the unique designer beds that Kathy Ireland has to offer…

The variety of designer standard beds developed by Kathy Ireland look more like works of art that will bring your bedroom to life. At the same time they are constructed of heirloom quality and offer you the highest level of comfort possible.

Some of the best of Kathy line standard beds are as follows.

Standard Porto Fino Poster Complete Bedroom Set

This unique bed is built on inspirations from the ancient city of Rome and the arts and crafts of the Renaissance periods. This Kathy Ireland bed brings you a contemporary taste of Italian design. The wood carvings simulate elegant lines with an egg and dart theme. The bed has been given a beautiful textured finish that gives it a sense of sophistication as the bed gets that gracefully aging look.

The bed has been constructed using high quality veneer over wood products and selected solids. A dragon ash wood color finish along with simulated sandstone marble is what gives this bed its unique looks. Effects of intricate carving in gold add some richness to the outlook of the bed. You will also find your bed to be decorated with leaf and vine overlays of simulated wood.

Standard Sorrento Poster Bed

If you like bedroom furniture with a commanding presence then this strong Standard Sorrento Poster Bed will surely do the trick. The bed features some amazing delicate scroll and woodwork that give it a unique feel. The feet on this bed are thick boxed whereas the head and foot board are sturdy. The bed has been given a rich dark brown finish which is bound to retain its wonderful texture for years to come.

The bed has been made using simulated wood grain laminates along with quality wood products. Iron has also been used for the grills in this bed. The bed has been given an Abby wood and Olympus brown finish. The rich color of the bed along with the ornamental iron together work wonders to give this bed a unique style.

Kathy Ireland Sleigh Bed

Get a feel of Northern European Country styling with this bold designer bed from Kathy Ireland. The bed features architectural silhouettes in multi colors giving it a vibrant yet sophisticated look. You will find the bed to be accented by gentle curves and warm tones on a grand scale giving a totally new look to a classic European design. The bed has been given a nice contrast with dark and medium finishes giving it a striking design. On the whole the bed has a traditional shape with an antique brass finish gives it more of a classic look that is bound to retain its appeal.

As always the bed has been made using high quality veneers over wood products with select solids. The warm medium tone finish with mild distressing and rubbed black accents add more richness to the design. A large headboard gives you the freedom to place oversized pillows for decoration purposes.

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