Ciampino Rome Italy To Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna

Want to go from Ciampino Rome Italy to Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna? Learn how to travel from Ciampino Rome Italy to Grand Hotel Palazzo in Carpegna…

If you are based outside of Italy, then it is advised to travel to the city of Rome and from there onwards take another flight out from Roma Ciampino to Carpegna. The Roma Ciampino airport is at a distance of 15 km from the center of the city of Rome and it is actually located right on the Via Appia Nuova in Rome.

Directions to the Roma Ciampino in Rome

To get to the Roma Ciampino airport you’ll have to travel for a short while from the city ring road in Rome and take the main road system by using the railway station based at Ciampino. The railway network is supported by an underground station called the Anagnina and sends out trains to the Rome Termini station from 5 to 15 minutes.

Since the airport is 15 km away, you can actually just drive to it by car. However, a bus and train network also connects to the airport for your convenience and you can use either to get to the airport.

Once you arrive at the Fiumicino airport, which is only 35 km from Rome, you can actually take the special train of the Leonardo Express and journey all the way to the Termini Railway Station. The convenient train system functions with direct journeys without any mid-way stops and the trains depart at intervals of 30 minutes.

Apart from this you can even take a taxi, which is available at the train station terminal and get there in white licensed taxis to prevent being scammed by an unlicensed driver who may take a long distance and charge you more than the required 45 Euro. However, the best thing to do for traveling is to rent a car, which can be supplied by major international car rental companies based in Rome.

From Ciampino Rom Italy to Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna

Conversely, if you have arrived at the Ciampino airport, you can actually take the Acotral bus as well as use the railway station of Ciampino to get from Ciampino Rom Italy to Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna. You can easily find the Acotral bus station that takes you to the Ciampino Railway Station. This passage is located outside the arrival zone of the airport. However, if you want to take the bus to the Subway then you will arrive at Anagnina via the route of Battistini.

Apart from this you can even use the metropolitan railway station and get off at the Cornelia stop. The nearest subway station to the hotel is the Cornelia Line A Stop, which is at a distance of 500 m from the Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna. So make sure you remember this stop.

Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna Location Overview

This strategically located hotel is just a short distance away from the Vatican City, as well as the famed St. Peter’s Basilica and the main city center of Rome, making it a very popular and ideally located hotel. The Grand Hotel Palazzo Carpegna has been established in a quaint historical building and is located within the area of Villa Carpegna Park, which means it has luxurious gardens and plantations surrounding it.

This strategically located hotel is just at a distance of 25 km from the airport named Rome Fiumicino Airport which makes it ideal to commute back and forth in a city that you’re not very familiar with. Rome is notorious for its traffic all over the world and it’s best to be located in a hotel which people are familiar with and which has easy access to the subway station, train station as well as airport.


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