Switzerland city guide: Things to do in Zurich

Going to Zurich in Switzerland for a holiday or business? Want to know the best places to go in Zurich? Here we’ve highlighted some of the best attractions in Zurich.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with a population of 360,000. Visitors to Zurich often find that Zurich is a more multicultural city than the rest of Switzerland. Zurich is also a major financial centre with international standing in Europe and beyond. Today Zurich boasts well established a stock exchange and metal exchange.

The East Bank of Zurich

The Eastern Bank of Lake Zurich is populated by dozens of small shops and cafes perfect for grabbing a quick drink or doing some souvenir shopping.

The Great Minster of Zurich

The Great Minster is located on the Eastern Bank of the Lake in Zurich and is one of the cities main attractions. The Great Minster is the tallest structure in Zurich and is open for visitors to admire the attractive stained glass windows, or climb the 187 steps to the top of the steeple to gain a magnificent view of Zurich. The Great Minster of Zurich is open to the public daily from 9am until 6pm.

Kunsthaus art gallery in Zurich

The Kunsthaus is an art gallery located in the famous peacock square in Zurich. The Kunsthaus is probably the most famous art gallery in Zurich and even Switzerland because of its huge collection of exhibits spanning many different artistic genres. The Kunsthaus displays pieces produced by artists from Switzerland as well as other countries from around the world and offers a nice combination of permanent exhibits alongside a continuous stream of temporary shows. Entrance to this art gallery in Zurich usually costs 10 Swiss Francs; however, entrance is free on Wednesdays.

The West Bank of Zurich

The West bank of Zurich is the home of Zurich’s trendy and expensive shopping district.  The Bahnhoftstrausse is particularly famous as a shopping street offering a variety of designer outlets.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich or Zurichsee in Swiss,  is the name of the lake that lies at the centre of Zurich and divides the city in two. There are several boat tours available that take passengers past points of interest in Zurich. The water at Lake Zurichsee is exceptionally clear and it has even been said that it is fit to drink.

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