Men And Women Roles In Irish Dancing

Looking for men and women roles in Irish dancing? Want to know about the different varieties of men and women roles in Irish dancing? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right role in Irish dancing for you…

Irish dancing was originally danced by the Druids during pre-Christian times in honor of the oak tree and the sun. They danced in rings which was the pre-cursor to Irish ring dances of today. When the Celts migrated to Ireland from Central Europe, they brought their folk dances which blended with the dance of the Druids to form the distinctive Irish dance of modern times. Men and women roles in Irish dancing developed as a result of the complexity of Irish dance routines.

Separate men and women roles in Irish dancing can be seen in Irish set dancing. In this type of dance, pairs of men and women in four sets stand facing each other along the sides of an imaginary square. Each pair of men and women has different roles in the dance figures and are called by different names. Although Irish set dancing has no cue callers, the men and women are aware of their respective dance roles in the set. All the pairs of men and women begin and end the dance together.

There are certain Irish dances called reels and jigs. The men and women roles in Irish dancing of reels and jigs are determined by the dance form. The footwork of the dancers of both gender must be perfectly coordinated for a flawless presentation. Practice sessions for Irish dancing are therefore rigorous and demanding and require disciplined effort for accomplishment.

Irish Dance Performances Featuring Men and Women

As Irish dance shows have gained both popularity and respect, men and women roles in Irish dancing performances have equalized. In olden times, Irish dancing was mainly the purview of men but in contemporary times, women have played a much larger and stronger role owing to their innate talent and attractiveness. With ringlet wigs, tiaras and short skirts, women roles in Irish dancing are much the rage in dance shows.

Men and women roles in Irish dancing have had a dramatic effect on the popularity of Irish dancing the world over. Various Irish dances require different roles for men and women and the latter have proved their prowess as talented dancers in stage performances.

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