Long Beach Swap Meet

Need info on the Long Beach Swap Meet? Learn more about the car and cycles shows for the swap meet in Long Beach…

Many amazing car and cycles swap meets are organized in Long Beach California. One such popular show is the Premier Automated Swap Meet organized by Topping Events. It initially started with seven vendors and just 40 shoppers in 1983.

Today the swap meet has grown to over 600 vendors and thousands of shoppers. However, the automated flavor is still retained and in 20 years the program has gone from strength to strength. There are vintage, classic, antique and high-performance vehicles. Their parts are also for sale.

The prices are highly competitive and the event is frequented by hotrod fans, street rod and muscle car fans. Enthusiasts of classic vehicles and trucks are also part of the thousands of visitors at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. Titled the Ecology Auto Parts of Long Beach High Performance Spot Meter, this event is featured on television shows as well. Some of the popular shows include Drag Racing Today and Monster Garage.

Socal Cycle Show

In 1997 the Socal Cycle Show was also introduced to this venue. The combination of the two has resulted in a great opportunity for bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts to convene at the same location where the automobiles are shown.

When it comes to the cycle show and swap meet it is titled the SoCal Cycle Show and Swap Meet. You can get different brands of motorcycles and cycles for purchase, trading and selling. The brands include American and European bicycles and motorcycles along with Japanese products. It is possible to get the original bikes, their spare parts and accessories. There are thousands of vintage and new parts for the bikes available for sale at competitive prices. It is considered a treasure trove for any cycle and motorcycle enthusiast in Southern California and Long Beach.

The Swap Meet Purpose

It’s basically an outdoor marketplace where enthusiasts of motorcycles and vehicles can convene. They indulge in the purchase and sale of accessories, bicycle parts and the actual vehicles. What adds flavor to this event is that the riders can enjoy showing off their cars and bikes along with their skills.

Policies for the Swap Meet

There are different policies for return and refund. There are no cancellations, refunds and returns allowed. In order for any vendor to be part of the event one would have to accept these preconditions and comply with the instructions of the events.

There is a keen focus on security. People have to follow the event coordinators instructions. There is an entire event management team that works for the convenience of all the vendors and participants. The different posted signs and directions are kept for the safety of the people and vendors. The basic sign would include the speed limit sign and the riding areas marked for the motorized vehicles. In fact, in order to keep a high level of safety it is completely prohibited to ride the motorized vehicle in the vendor region.

High-security includes the prohibition of weaponry on the location. In order to keep the venue comfortable and accessible for all these measures have been put into place. In fact, profanity, loud yelling and threats are also disallowed.

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