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Interested in Men’s Irish rings? Explore the variety of Irish rings specifically designed for men…

For men, looking to distinguish themselves with a unique ring, there is nothing that can serve the purpose better than an Irish ring. Finely crafted Irish rings featuring some of the traditional symbolism of the Celts are bound to make you stand out.

Irish rings for men do not only show the sophisticated taste of the wearer but they also reflect upon the romantic streak and sense of faithfulness that the wearer possesses. Delicate and detailed Irish rings have a rich gothic appearance with a class of its own.

Following are some evergreen examples of all time classic Irish rings for men

8mm Platinum Mans Celtic Wedding Band

This classic ring for men features the traditional theme of Celtic knot work running through in continuous lines. The artwork represents continuity as well as interconnectedness of everything. The flat surface of the ring features abstract relief work of hands holding up manuscripts and stone crosses making it a valued piece of art. The intricate art work is inspired by the symbolism of the ancient Celts giving the ring a feel of antiquity. Platinum as a building material enhances the class of this Irish ring.

Platinum Narrow Corrib Claddagh Wedding Ring

This is another excellent variety in platinum. It is specially handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland which is the epicenter of valuing Irish rings. It features the old school Irish Claddagh symbol with the two hands holding up a crowned heart. As of tradition the Claddagh symbol represents friendship, loyalty and love combined. The symbol was derived back in the 1600s and till today makes a great theme for an Irish ring.

Mens Claddagh Ring in Platinum

This is yet another variety of the Claddagh ring in platinum. However this particular ring is a chunky design which truly captures the essence of the theme. The graphics of the crowned heart and hands is hard to miss on this particular piece. Measuring a full 11 mm the ring has a slightly domed shape. The shank of the ring has a thickness of about 1.5mm. The chunky ring is solid enough for you to be handing it down the generations.

14k 11mm Mans Celtic Warrior Wedding Bands

This is an aggressive yet elegant variety from the collection of Irish wedding rings. It is a traditionally themed ring that has been specially hand crafted in Dublin, Ireland. These kind of Irish rings are popularly used as wedding rings. The ring takes inspiration from the Ardagh Chalice which happens to be one of the most valued treasures of the country.

The collection is one of the best examples of metal work practiced back in the 8th century. The incredibly detailed carvings made with the shield decorations form the basis of the design. This all time classic Irish ring for men is available for $1165.

The above mentioned rings are just some of the fine examples of what the collection of Irish rings has to offer to men. You can explore the complete variety by going online.

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