Antique Brass Made In Italy

Want to purchase antique brass made in Italy? Discover the different items made out of antique brass made in Italy by reading on…

Italian brass is popular across the world and especially the antique brass made in Italy is incorporated in different classic interior designs till today. You can get a variety of items from mirror frames to window arches and desktop decorative items as well as lighting fixtures and door- knobs crafted in antique brass and made in Italy.

Antique Brass Decorative Items for the House

You can get decorative frames crafted out of antique brass made in Italy. The different shapes include gilded oval, rectangular and square shaped frames. You can get something with a fine finish glass top on its cover and an aged print inside to commemorate its look and give it a more period feel.

When purchasing online make sure you know who the seller is and their reputation as merchants of silverware and brass. Often, many antique designs are copied off and sold as antique brass made in Italy.

Antique Brass Decorative Crucifix

You can get different antique brass made in Italy crucifix which range from 16 inches to 2 feet in height and follow proportionate width. The brass is complemented with colorful enamel and can be found in designs pertaining to the medieval era or following the standard San Damiano Cross. The other finishes available in antique brass made in Italy crucifixes are the burnished brass or the one treated with pewter.

Antique Brass Made in Italy Door Knobs

If you’re looking to decorate the doors of your house with antique brass made in Italy, then the perfect item to get is the square doorknobs. You can get them from leading manufacturers in Italy and utilize them on cabinets and furniture, as well as the door of the home. The general measurements follow 1-inch diameter- and you can get good quality antique and distressed finish brass made in Italy.

Antique Brass Made in Italy Light Fixtures

Why not light up your house with lamps crafted out of antique brass made in Italy? A beautiful solid brass lamp much like the Turkish foot oil lamp can be purchased at a reasonable cost. It comes with a total burning time of 17 hours on one cell. The lamp has a height of 9 inches with a 3 1/2 inch diameter for the base.

Normally the manufacturer supplies you with six packs of disposable fuel cells to power the lamp. Other than this you can find a brass Gimbal lamp, which is traditionally used in Italy. The other designs available are the large yacht lamp that can be hung from its ring on the top and be suspended from the ceiling for an antique look to complement your decor.

Finally you can search online to get antique brass made in Italy door knockers. The stunning pieces will decorate the front door of your house within an alluring design and an old world charm simply due to the beautiful craftsmanship of the piece.

To decorate your desktop why not invest in an antique brass made in Italy: paper clasps, writing ink wells and feathered quills for an old world charm on your writing desk?

From penholders to business card holders and antique brass made in Italy, plus mirrors, you can find a myriad of antique brass items made in Italy for different purposes.


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