Modern Contemporary China Cabinets

There is no reason why a china cabinet cannot blend into a modern interior. For more information on your choices when it comes to contemporary china cabinets read on…

China cabinets are very traditional pieces of furniture but they do not need to have traditional styling. Modern contemporary china cabinets often have clean sleek lines with glass on all four sides of the upper display area. While these cabinets work well with contemporary furnishings, arranging items on the shelves can be tricky since the items can usually be seen on three sides. Modern china cabinets with mirrored backs on the display area are even trickier to arrange since the reflection can make the cabinet seem overcrowded.

Oriental China Cabinets

While modern china cabinets go well with other contemporary pieces, cabinets in oriental or art deco styles are also a good fit. These styles feature clean straight lines, but in the case of art deco, rounded corners or rounded designs on the glass lend extra interest to the design. Oriental styles often have interesting hardware in antique brass which works well in contemporary rooms.

Display lights may be included in contemporary china cabinets which makes displaying fine china or beautiful tea sets easy. If the cabinet is not equipped with a light, lighting can be added with kits available at home improvement stores. It may be necessary to replace wooden shelves with glass shelves to get the best lighting effects, or to install a light above each shelf so all the pieces in the arrangement can be seen.

Espresso Cabinets

While espresso seems to be the most popular finish for contemporary china cabinets, finishes range from blond and natural wood to painted surfaces. Older china cabinets may be updated with refinishing and new hardware if they are fairly simple in style, but ornate cabinets can fit into modern decorating schemes if the scale is right and the piece harmonizes with the existing dining table and chairs.

The cost of contemporary china cabinets ranges from as little as $500 to over $3000 depending on the quality of the piece. Cheaper pieces are usually made from medium density fiberboard rather than solid wood. MDF is good for building furniture, but it will not last as long as solid wood and even well cared for MDF furniture never achieves heirloom quality.

The type of china cabinet an individual chooses will depend on their budget and available space. China cabinets are also great additions to parlors and family rooms since they provide an elegant alternative to open book shelves with plenty of closed storage space for games and other items that are best not displayed. There are many modern contemporary china cabinets to choose from and one is sure to be perfect for your style and space.

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