Authentic Italian Charm Bracelets

They are different, they are cool and they can be customized. Find out more information about the Authentic Italian charm bracelets that have taken the world by storm in our complete guide.

Italian charm bracelets are out of the box charms that took the concept of wearing a bracelet into a whole new direction. These charms were initially released into the market in the early 90’s and have since then only witnessed considerable success on an international scale. The artisans of Italy are to be credited with this innovative piece of jewelry which has become a symbol for the country. From their local football team to the leading celebrities in the world the Authentic Italian charm bracelets have been seen on the wrists of a diverse range of people.

What’s so different?

There are a number of things that differentiate the Authentic Italian charm bracelets from other fashion accessories of the like. Traditionally the world was used to wrist bracelets that used to dangle from a chain. The Italian bracelets however were configured in a very different way. They feature solid flat links that are connected to each other and then snapped up on a stretchy band. This restricts the bracelet from dangling and makes it a solid wrist band cum bracelet. This is one of the aspects of the design of the Authentic Italian bracelets that differentiate them from others in the line.

The second most interesting feature about the authentic Italian bracelets is that the flat links that form the bracelets are interchangeable. You can get the links of the Italian charm bracelets in various designs and colors. This ranges from logos, abstract designs and pictures. You can choose whichever kind of charm suites your taste or get them custom made for yourselves. Then you can make your own composition by adding and subtracting links and arranging them according to your will. This gives you the chance to personalize your authentic Italian charm bracelets. This aspect of the authentic Italian bracelets is one of its most exciting features as people love to be able to keep on changing the design of their bracelets according to their moods.

Origins and present situation

Traditionally these charms were created in Italy but are now being produced in a number of different countries. The authentic Italian bracelets were made using a high quality stainless steel for the bases of the charms where as the top side of the charm was plated with 18k gold. To make the bracelets affordable for the vast majority of the public, especially the teenagers and kids the manufacturers of these bracelets started producing them in different kinds of materials that were cheaper to buy. This has resulted in a widened scope for these bracelets and increased their commercial viability.

Bracelet Sizes

The authentic Italian charm bracelets are available in three basic sizes. The smallest of them has seventeen links, then eighteen with the largest having nineteen links. In case you don’t fit into anyone of these sizes you can add or subtract the links to make the bracelet fit you. Amongst the different brand names that produce Authentic Italian charm bracelets Zoppini and Nomination happen to be the most well renowned companies. The price of an authentic Italian charm bracelet is relative to the building material and the design.

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