Brick Ovens Italy

Want to learn more about brick ovens in Italy? Read on for facts and info on the all-time classic brick oven of Italy…

The country of Italy is famous for its pizza. The Italians have a traditional way of making pizza inside specially constructed brick ovens, which is what makes them special. Italian brick ovens featured a top chamber that was made using bricks and concrete. Also known as the masonry oven it was made using both cut stone as well as fired clay. The first of these ovens were developed back in the Roman Empire and these classic brick ovens continue to be used even today, especially amongst the poor Native Americans, Spanish and European people.

Italian Brick Oven History

The production of Italian brick ovens went through a series of modifications with the passage of time. Pizza was not the only thing that was baked in the brick ovens. Rather, the Italians would prepare a wide variety of breads, meats as well as some traditional sweet dishes in these ovens. They would make use of wood and coal as the source of heat in these ovens. The original Italian brick oven was meant to be used as a wood fired cooker. This was also because of the easy availability of firewood along the Italian frontier. It must be kept in mind that the Italians were not the only people making use of these types of ovens. Rather, it was also popular among the Native Americans as well.

With the passage of time the brick oven made its way to towns and city centers. This caused a modification in their design primarily because firewood was not as easily available to the people living in the cities as it was to those living in the rural areas. It would be quite a hassle for the people living in the cities to fetch firewood, cut it and store it in their homes or kitchen facilities on a regular basis. That is why the Italian brick oven was modified to work as a coal powered oven which made things much easier for the people.

Italian Brick Oven Today

Italian brick ovens were extremely popular all the way up to the 20th century. A large number of traditional restaurants make use of the all-time classic brick oven even today. The use of the brick oven is most popular in pizza parlors that seek to retain the Italian tradition. The brick oven is known for producing that extra flavor in the Napoleon style pizza and hence produces a better final product. It is also commonly believed that the baking process in the oven leads to a more desired crust texture and flavor, which is why they are still in use.

Pizza joints are not the only commercial facilities embedded with Italian brick ovens. You will be able to find a number of other restaurants that specialize in preparing barbecued meat that also make use of these ovens. Their use is also popular in high-class bakeries as they help to produce richer tasting confectionery items including a wide variety of breads. Along with the extra touch of flavor that these ovens add, they are also easier to clean and maintain for restaurant owners.

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