Carnivale In Italy

Want to learn more about the Carnivale in Italy? Read on for facts and info on the most popular carnivale celebrations in Italy…

Italy has a great deal of carnivale celebrations that are conducted at different times of the year. The Carnivale center is without a doubt the city of Venice along with Cento and Viareggio, being the next two big cities when it comes to carnivale celebrations. Italian carnivale celebrations are very elaborate and at times bizarre which is why they have attracted attention from the world over.

Some of the most popular carnivale in Italy are as follows:

Venice Carnivale

This carnivale actually has a two-week prelude of festivities in its honor every year. The entertainment events are conducted through the nights during this festive season. The carnivale sees people all over the city dressed up in very elaborate costumes, which may appear outlandish to non-Italians.

Viareggio Carnevale

Situated on the coast of Tuscany, Viareggio hosts another one of Italy’s big carnivale celebrations. Giant allegorical papier-mâché floats that are paraded in the city characterize this festival. The “Shrove Tuesday” is the day of the carnivale but the parade is conducted for three Sundays before and one afterwards. Visitors need to pay a certain amount of fee in order to view the extravagant parades. Concerts, cultural events, festivals and masked balls are also part of the Viareggi Canevale.

Ivrea Orange Throwing Carnivale

This is perhaps the most widely viewed Italian festival on the media. This historic carnival is celebrated in the town of Ivrea, which is part of the Piedmont region. It is one of the most unique festivals celebrated anywhere in the world and it actually dates back to medieval times.

The festival is all about a colorful parade within which the participants engage in throwing oranges at each other. This is a rather elaborate carnivale where the carts of oranges are paraded through the city for a month before the orange battles begin. The festival is brought to an end with the burning of the scarli ritual, which is conducted in every district square.

Equestrian Carnival  Sardinia

This particular carnivale is characterized by a costumed parade coupled with horse races. A unique element of this festival held in the town of Oristano, is the re-enactment of medieval jousting competitions. This particular part of the carnivale is known as the La Sartigilia.

Sardinia Carnevale in the Barbagia Mountain Villages

Sardinia is actually an island in Italy. It celebrates a historic carnivale that is rich with local culture. The carnivale is celebrated in full fervor in the village of Nuoro on the island. The processions of the festival take inspiration from ancient rituals that were practiced by the people of the region in times gone by.

The above-mentioned carnivale celebrations are just some examples of the kind of festive celebrations that are conducted in Italy. These festivals have historic origins and have been preserved over time. Today they act as major tourists’ attractions, which people come to see from all over the world.


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