Famous Italian Shoe Shops

Are you wondering about the famous Italian shoe shops and the type of footwear they stock? Would you like to know where you can buy classic footwear exclusively sold by famous Italian shoe shops? Then read our informative and factual guide…

While not all of us can afford to shop at the designer shops in NY, London and Paris, it would be blasphemous to take a trip to Italy and not buy yourself footwear from famous Italian shoe shops that are spread across the country. As a matter of fact, save on your flight ticket to Italy by being thrifty and choosing bargain flights; then keep some money aside for cheap flats in Florence and with a little extra reserved for excursions, the rest of the money should be earmarked for nothing but shoe shopping such is the appeal of the footwear available in famous Italian shoe shops.

Once in Florence, your first stop should be at the popular Via de Tornabuoni; while not everybody will be able to purchase the designer creations available on this famous street, just the prospect of staring at the works of popular designers such as Prada and Gucci will prove to be a worthwhile experience. The best part is that for those of you who can afford to shell out a few hundred bucks, you can find designer footwear in this area at lower than normal prices.

The next line is the adjacent street called, Via della Vigna Nuova; this one is famous for the creations of Beltrami, Cesare and also Paciotti. If you are a true blue shoe fanatic and would like to know about the history of the footwear industry in Italy, you should definitely consider a visit to the Ferragamo Museum. The establishment pays homage to several of the top Italian shoe designers of the century with a large and impressive collection of the works of the designers. For those of you who would like to purchase a few modern day footwear pieces, there is also the Ferragamo store that offers some of the latest styles of high fashion and comfortable footwear.

The next stop on your shoe shopping trip to Florence should be the calzoleria Bologna; this is a pocket friendly establishment that offers some stunning and trendy designs in footwear of various styles.

Right across the street lies the Gilardidni, this is a comparatively small shoe store dwarfed in the hustle and bustle of the Piazza del Duomo but they offer a wide range of footwear to suit the tastes and budget of the most discerning shopper.

If you are looking for cheap yet sturdy footwear with the Italian seal of quality, head over to the Via del Coros, the shoes here are cheap yet cheerful and fashionable. Then there are workshops for custom made shoes such as Mannina and Stefano Berner which definitely merit a visit if you are looking for exclusive hand made Italian shoes.

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