Canada Walleye Fishing Trips

Want to learn more about Canada Walleye fishing trips? Interested in planning a Canada Walleye fishing trip? Read on for facts and info on walleye fish and how to plan a fishing trip…

Canada is known for having an exquisite variety of game fish in its various waterways. The Walleye fish in particular is renowned for being one of the most popular freshwater game fish in the region.

Walleye fishing trips in Canada promise an excellent fun filled time. This is because the walleye fish is known for putting up quite a fight with the fishermen which makes it a challenging experience. At the same time the fish has a remarkable taste and can be prepared in a variety of different ways to get different flavors.

About Walleye Fish

The Walleye sure is a special fish. One of the most unique things about the fish is the set of eyes that it has on its head. What makes its eyes unique is a special membrane known as tapetum lucidum that is situated behind the retina. This membrane functions to gather and reflect light. This powerful performance is what makes the fish a formidable predator in the water ways. The benefit that the membrane endows the walleye with is the ability to sight its prey in extremely poor light conditions.

The walleye makes full use of this remarkable gift that it has been endowed with. This is why it hunts for its prey at early sunrise and then after sunset. At these times the light conditions are poor for other fish which provides the walleye with enough camouflage to make it virtually invisible to its prey. At the same time the walleye can easily sight its prey and hunt it down using its brilliant set of curved teeth which makes it impossible for its prey to escape.

Walleye Fishing Locations

Walleye fishing trips are planned for the remote northern lakes of Canada which is where they are found in great abundance. Although the walleye is found in many regions across Canada some of the best sources cannot be reached on foot which is why fly in fishing trips are planned for such regions.

It has been observed that walleye fish from the colder waters tend to taste better. This is why winter season fishing of the walleye is encouraged here in Canada. And it seems the colder the water, the better they taste.

Amongst the top ranked places for walleye fishing in Canada is Sunset Country in Northwest Ontario. Here you will be able to find some of the finest tasting, generously sized and not to forget challenging walleye fish. This region is renowned for having over a thousand crystal clear lakes which are thriving with some exquisite variety of fish and that too in great numbers and of a formidable size.

Sunset Country is not only a great option for walleye fishing but it is also regarded as being one of the best places for all kinds of fish. The surrounding area has a decent infrastructure where you will be able to find good fishing accommodation, fly in outposts, plan lodges and cabin rentals.

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