Gardone Val Trompia Italy

Want to learn more about Gardone Val Trompia, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this historical region of Italy located in the province of Brescia…

Gardone Val Trompia is an Italian town situated in the province of Brescia. That makes it fall within Lombardy. It is bordered by the communes of Sarezzo and Marcheno. The exact location of the city makes it part of the Trompia valley.

The city is popularly known for being the headquarters for one of the major manufacturers of small arms and ammunition by the name of Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta. The company is famous for producing black powder firearms that are exclusive to the country of Italy and are widely used in black powder shooting competitions around the world.

The municipality has served as an important ancient center of Val Trompia. It is known to occupy a very strategic location right next to the river Mella. Over the course of years the manufacturers of weapons and production facilities in iron have fostered continual economic growth for the people of the region.

Gardone Val Trompia derived its name from the Latin word Garda. In the ancient Gothic language the related word “warda” means “post-call time”. The city has long been fortified at all four corners as mentioned in a parchment that dates back to 1317. Along with the state capital, the municipality also has the two factions of Magno and Inzino.

In 1440 part of the Republic of Venice obtained extensive autonomy along with some other centers that were located in the valley. The valley has also served as the capital of the canton of Mella during the Cisalpine Republic.

Today the region attracts visitors from all over the world primarily because of the amazing collection of historical buildings and architectural wonders that are still standing dating back to ancient times. Some of the most prominent and popular architectural wonders of the region are as follows:

Parish Church of San Marco

This particular building was initially built upon a primitive chapel. It went through a series of modifications over the years that greatly transformed the appearance of the building. On the inside the church building displays amazing examples of paintings from Brescia and Venetian artists dating back to the 600 and 700 AD era. You will also be able to find a number of wooden sculptures produced by artists by the likes Zamara di Chiari as well as an historical organ that still remains intact.

Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

The church building was constructed in the 15th century. A convent is also part of the church building and it was dedicated to the Bernardine of Siena. However the church was subject to vandalism during 1556 as a result of which the most of the building was burned. Anabaptists were blamed for carrying out this act of vandalism. Today the church building is renovated and much of its ancient elements have been preserved. Inside are frescoes and paintings that date back to the 16th century.


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