Selman Double French Horns

Confused whether or not to buy Selman double French horns? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Selman French horns come under the category of imported horns which are made in China. You can only import the brand new ones, the used horns have to be bought from individual retailers.

The Selman French horns are amongst the cheapest of Chinese horns that you can buy. This can be considered as one reason why the quality is compromised and is an average quality horn.

The horns have the brand name Selman engraved on them. They come with four valves and a standard 12 inch bell. The brand new pieces come in a clean and polished condition which adds to the elegant look of the horn.

Initially the slides move smoothly and add to the ease of playing the horn. However they are known to need adjustment after some months of use.

There have been some issues with the Selman French horns. Many users have complained that the horns fall apart, one part after another. The joints become loose which disorients the horn.

Furthermore their spare parts are not easily available which makes them difficult to repair. And so you may have to completely replace it if you are unable to find substitute parts for the horn. This is why many believe that Selman horns lose their value fast.

Selman French horns are essentially chosen by those on a really tight budget and due to their budget constraints sacrifice on quality. For those who can pitch in a little more, there are many other options available instead of the Selman French horns.

If you are looking for a cheap horn, then you can stick with the imported ones. There are some reputable Taiwanese brands such asStagg or Virtuoso. They have established their reputation and name for the quality of their horns and their value for money.

The only drawback is that you will be required to purchasethese horns online and so will not be able to try them out before you make the purchase.

Alternatively, you can also buy used King or Conn horns if cost is a major issue. Although they are used yet their quality will be better and maintenance cost will be lower.

For those who want a French horn that is crafted in a player-friendly manner, high quality and will last longer then they should purchase a horn from a reputable company such as Holton or Yamaha.

Keeping all these issues in consideration, purchase the Selman horns only if you need a cheap horn immediately and then start saving up for a better horn!

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