American Girl Bitty Baby

Looking for American Girl Bitty Baby? Want to know about all the different styles of Bitty Baby available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right Bitty Baby for you…

American Girl Bitty Baby is a baby doll which is 15” long and produced by the American Girl company which markets historical and contemporary period dolls and accessories. The Bitty Baby doll is available in different styles of hair, skin and eye colour and each doll wears a sleeper. A 5” cuddly, stuffed teddy bear comes with every doll and serves as Bitty Baby’s toy.

The Bitty baby range of dolls was originally released as “Our New Baby” in 1990. The introduction of American Girl Bitty Baby was accompanied with full accessories for the Bitty Baby doll. The line of baby dolls was gradually revamped so that the new range of dolls was more appropriate for toddlers and girls aged 3 years and above.

There are five babies in the American Girl Bitty Baby range. Each Bitty Baby doll has a Welcome, Bitty Baby memory book for young girl owners and also a starter collection. The Bitty Baby comes with a cotton sleeper decorated with pink bows and the baby doll wears a diaper. The doll body is made from soft cloth and the limbs are smooth vinyl.

The Bitty Baby starter collection includes a fleece blanket, a bib, a pretend milk bottle, baby clothing and a pink backpack to carry Bitty Baby and all the accessories when young girls are on the move. Accessories such as a baby’s crib and play box are available online.

Different American Girl Bitty Baby Dolls

The five Bitty Baby dolls each have different hair, skin and eye colour. Young girls can choose a Bitty Baby with dark skin, light brown eyes and textured black hair. Another choice is a baby doll with dark brown hair, light brown eyes and light skin. There is also a Bitty Baby with blue-grey eyes, light skin and blonde hair and a baby doll with black almond-shaped eyes, black hair and light skin. The final Bitty Baby choice had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and medium skin. These various American Girl Bitty Baby choices are designed to reflect the different ethnic origins of Americans girls.

American Girl Bitty Baby dolls are perfect for toddlers and little girls who want to own a doll they can cuddle and care for like a baby!

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