How Italian Holidays are Celebrated

The Italians love to celebrate. Find out the different ways in which the Italians celebrate their holidays all around the year in our comprehensive guide to Italian holiday celebrations.

Italy is one of the most favored tourist spots for globe trotters from all around the world. There are a number of reasons that contribute to making Italy the ideal place to flock to at anytime of the year. It has a collection of some of the most astounding naturally beautiful places in Europe such as the white sandy beaches of the Italian Riviera. Further more Italy is a region with a rich cultural heritage and a twisting turning history which makes the culture of the region very intriguing for foreigners. The cuisine of Italy is also one of the biggest baits when it comes to tourism in Italy. Add to that the amazing museums and art galleries and you have a country that has a bundle of fun to offer to its visitors.

Feast your eyes on the feasts

The highlight of Italy however is the festive spirit of the public that is on full high all though out the year. The Italians have a large number of public holidays during the year. Some of these have a religious background whereas others are secular. Irrespective of the history behind the holidays the Italians love to celebrate and the way they celebrate their holidays is one of the biggest tourist attractions for globe trotters. One thing is for sure; the Italians love to eat. Hence no matter which holiday it is food is always an integral part of the celebration.

It seems that public holidays are just an excuse to indulge into some amazing dishes that are specially prepared for the occasion. Over the years each holiday has developed its own specific cuisines. Religious holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving Day have their special cuisines that have been handed down the generations. Other secular holidays have developed their own special cuisine based on tradition. Not only do the Italians love to indulge in good food during their holidays they also like to share the food with the poor on some occasions which is a very charitable aspect of the culture of the country.

The parades and parties

Food, although an important part of the Italian culture, is not the only way to celebrate these holidays. The Italians have a number of different kinds of parades throughout the year. Liberation Day, Labor Day and the Italian National Day are some of the important days during which the Italians hold parades to display their patriotism. Similarly the Italians also hold a number of religious processions displaying their faith in Christianity although most of these religious festivals are now held in honor of the culture that has developed over the years. Some of these parades are held by kids whereas others are held upon a bed of roses. They even have a parade on boats and other kinds of floating parades in places like Venice which is one of the most spectacular sights to see. Apart from the parades and the feasts the Italians have theatrical productions and musical events as part of their celebrations. All these things combined give the country a unique culture.

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