Chinese Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Interested in Chinese medicine for high blood pressure? Find out the kind of herbs that are used to prepare medicines aimed at regulating blood pressure in the body.

Chinese medicine has its own way of viewing the problem of high blood pressure. It holds a misbalance in the circulation of vital energy which it terms as “Qi” responsible for leading to high blood pressure. There are other conditions such as excess weight and poor diet amongst others that can lead to high blood pressure.

Chinese medicine has prescribed a number of herbal remedies for the purpose of treating high blood pressure.

Chinese celery

Also known as khan choy this is a fundamental ingredient in Chinese herbal formulas aimed at regulating blood pressure. The herb has a white to dark green color and is usually served raw. The Chinese make abundant use of celery in their cuisine.

The medicinal use of Chinese celery began in the Han Dynasty. Endowed with vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D along with potassium and iron Chinese celery have manifold health benefits. The Chinese would make use of warm Chinese celery juice for the purpose of treating low fever and jaundice. It also helps to cope against dehydration and has the ability to treat various other health conditions including high blood pressure.


This classic herb finds it self amongst a wide range of Chinese herbal medicines. Along with helping against high blood pressure hawthorn can help against a host of heart related problems. It is an extremely safe Chinese herb to use and its beneficial effects have been attested to by modern science.

Hawthorn can help to strengthen blood vessels and removes blood clots. By lowering blood cholesterol and high blood pressure it saves the body from developing heart related problems. It is safe to use this herb along with other blood pressure medication but it is still advised to consult your doctor before doing so.


A member of the cruciferae family this root vegetable is known to possess immense health benefits. Not only does it help to regulate high blood pressure rather it also helps against conditions that lead to high blood pressure such as hypertension and obesity. Turnip is rich in phosphor, folic acid, magnesium and calcium thereby making it an excellent choice to promote overall health.

The main aim of Chinese herbal medicines is to restore the balance of Qi energy in the body which will consequently bring down the blood pressure level. The benefits of using Chinese medicines for high blood pressure is that they load you up with a lot more health benefits than you are looking for. The fact that they are all natural and free of any side effects means that they are perfect for continual use which ensures a regulated blood pressure and good overall health. Other items like honey and mung beans are also used in Chinese medicines for high blood pressure.

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