Italian Charm Starter Bracelets

So what is so different about Italian charm bracelets? What benefits does one have with the Italian charm starter bracelets? Read on to find out in our complete information guide that gives you the facts you want.

The Italian charm bracelet is not like any other bracelet that you will find out there. From its configuration to its appeal the Italian charm bracelets are as unique as Italy’s cuisine. These bracelets are constructed by connecting a number of individual modular links upon a stretchy band. The links that are used in the Italian charm bracelets are flat which is what makes it very different from the traditional dangly bracelets. The special configuration of the Italian charm bracelets makes them stiff upon the wrist which gives them a very different look. The average number of links that you will be able to find on a bracelet is eighteen and each of these links is bound to showcase some sort of a design or image that is soldered onto it.

The Italian charm bracelets became so popular that even the world champion soccer team players of the country began to wear bracelets with the colors of the Italian flag. These bracelets were released on to the market in the last decade before the millennium. Soon enough boutiques and accessory stores were full of Italian charm bracelets that became the hottest new trend on the international scene. It was the American tourist to Italy that noticed the uniqueness of the Italian charm bracelets. This triggered the business spirit amongst those individuals and they brought it back to the US from where it reached all corners of the world.

Start off with a simple starter

The fact that makes Italian charm bracelets even more interesting is that you can customize your starter bracelet. A starter Italian charm bracelet is the simplest form of the bracelet which consists of eighteen blank links. Then the owner of the starter bracelet has the opportunity to replace the empty links with links of different designs to create his own composition. He can do this however frequently he wants. This also gives an individual the chance to test his own creativity as he gets to try out different color combinations and designs in the attempt to create something unique.

You will easily be able to find links of the Italian charm bracelets with different designs and colors. Some links will feature a relief work of some sort of design that has been soldered onto it whereas others will have images. These could be real lifelike images or abstract patterns, designs and pictures. It is the modular design of the Italian charm bracelets that makes it possible to interchange the links according to the wearer’s preference.

Italian charm bracelets are constructed out of stainless steel or 18k gold. But when it comes to the different designs of the links you will find links with certain gemstones placed on them. The wide range of different kinds of links that are available for these bracelets makes them an engaging piece of jewelry. People are always on the look out for new and unique designs on the links to add to their collection. Hence we find that starting off with a starter Italian charm bracelet is the beginning of a fun journey towards composing your own thematic bracelet.

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