Italian Coffee House Decor

We all know how indulging it is to sit and sip on an Italian cup of coffee in a traditional Italian coffee house. What if you could have the same experience in your house? Find out how you can decorate your interior to match that of a traditional Ita

Along with the great taste of the Italian coffee drinks the cool and comfortable atmosphere of the Italian coffee shops seems to be what intrigues the public. The pleasure of sipping on a cup of Italian coffee is further accentuated with the relaxing ambiance that is present within these coffee shops. But imagine just for one minute if you could have the same atmosphere right in the comfort of your home, would you ever want to go back to a coffee house? Most of us wont, because one can easily make the best of Italian coffee beverages at home through the various appliances and recipes available and when one has the right environment to enjoy that cup of coffee in there is no reason left to step out of the house for a cup of coffee.

You may be wondering how this is possible. Think about what it is that the coffee houses have which your home sweet home lacks. With a little observation and a lot of creativity and adequate yet not too high budgeted resources you can transform your interior to resemble the décor of an Italian coffee house. In this way you will have the entire package right in the comfort of your home. By making the correct choices and wisely designing your interior space you can end up with one of the town’s most exquisite Italian coffee houses under the roof of your house.

Turning your kitchen into an Italian coffee house

The first and foremost thing to analyze when revamping your interior is the seating arrangement. It may be that you will be using your existing kitchen table, if so then how comfortable are the chairs that accompany it? A cost effective way of making ordinary chairs into much more comfortable ones is by adding cushions to them. These cushions need not even be stitched or pasted onto the chairs rather they can just be placed on top of the seat and removed whenever not in need. Darker colors will stay cleaner for longer and give the room a more Italian coffee house touch.

Second most important thing to jazz up your kitchen space to look like an Italian coffee house would be to add a dark colored and comfortable throw. One should make sure the throw matches the colors of the cushions so as to keep everything in sync. Proper placing is the key to giving your kitchen the right coffee house effect that will scream out “Relax and sit back” for the coffee drinkers.

Next up is composing the table top. This will consist of nothing more than a contrasting light colored beautiful table cloth and a center piece which can be anything from a bowl of fruit to a candle stand. Then you have to add the wall signs that are characteristic of Italian coffee shops. A maximum of three wall signs would suffice in declaring the room an official coffee zone. The finishing touch in your new Italian coffee house décor room will be the coffee that is served in a set of traditional Italian coffee cups which will be the last of your investments. And there you have it, your very own personal Italian coffee house replica in your house.

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