Chinese New Year Cookies Recipe

Extract a piece of ancient Chinese tradition with a delicious recipe for Chinese New Year cookies.

The Chinese New Year is a time when the ancient Chinese traditions are paraded on to the streets in full fervor. It is a classic example of what Chinese history has been all about. The New Year celebrations are such a jumble of Chinese traditions with so many different and interesting elements.

With regards to the eatables that are popularly served during this time of the year, there is a whole special menu with traditional food items on it. The menu consists of a wide range of dishes ranging from appetizers to the main course and the dessert items. There are however the specially baked Chinese New Year cookies that you can have any where and any time.

The Chinese New Year cookies are as unique as their other traditions are. Don’t expect the Chinese cookies to be like your everyday American cookies. The interesting ingredients used in these cookies make them a special delight for any occasion. You need not be in China and it need not be the Chinese New Year if you want to enjoy these delicious cookies. With the recipe in your hands you can bake them whenever you want.

Cookie Creation

Traditionally the Chinese people have made use of interesting ingredients like cashews, peanuts and almonds in their cookies. You will even find examples where they have added pine nuts to the cookies as well!

The New Year cookie recipes vary according to region and the personal preference of the baker’s family. There are many Chinese cook books that will give you various recipes of how to make Chinese New Year cookies. The recipe given below belongs to the Nyonya tribe that is credited for creating their own culture.

The special cookies that you can make with this particular recipe will be cashew nut cookies. The list of items include some of the general cookie making items like butter, icing sugar, baking powder, flour, egg yolk, whole cashew nuts and vanilla essence.

You will start off by making the egg wash with egg yolk and yellow food coloring. Mix in the baking powder with the flour while adding the cream butter and icing sugar. Mix well and then add in the egg yolk and vanilla essence. Next up you should get to the making the dough with the flour and the grounded nuts.

The next step is to use the cookie cutter to cut out the shapes of the cookies from the dough. Then brush over the cookies with the egg wash and garnish them with the whole cashews. As for the baking process, they should be put in an oven heated to 300 degrees for around half an hour. When you see them turn golden brown that’s the time to take them out.

So there you go a simple yet delicious recipe that will give you a taste of the Chinese New Year traditions irrespective of where you are and what date it is.

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