Italian Coffee Tables

Italian coffee tables have the potential to become the center attraction of any interior. Find out what makes these tables a must have for any coffee loving individual in our information guide to genuine Italian coffee tables.

There are many things associated with Italian coffee. The country itself has a strange history with the drink which was initially banned in the Christian empire and then became one of the identity forming drinks of the nation. Italy is known for its wide variety of coffee drinks that are now available in almost all the coffee houses of the world. Along with the menu of the coffee shops the typical Italian interior décor of the Italian coffee shops has also become famous. The Italian style furniture that was commonly used in the old school coffee joints of Italy are now associated with the drink all over the world. Hence Italian coffee tables can rightfully be termed as a byproduct of Italian coffee.

An Italian coffee table is the most practical piece of furniture to place your drinks on. This is because traditionally it was specifically designed for this purpose only. It gives the drinkers more than adequate space at a very comfortable height making the coffee tables a good way to enjoy the coffee. Traditionally coffee tables would only feature a table cloth and a simple center piece which could be anything from a candle stand to a fruit and nut basket.

Italian Coffee Table Design

The thing about Italian coffee tables is their beauty of design. They are a symbol of elegance more than anything else. Italian coffee tables are so sleek and classy that they sync in with any kind of furniture in any room of the house whatsoever. In fact there is something about Italian coffee tables that makes them the center of attraction no matter where they are placed. People have used Italian coffee tables in different settings in their house from their kitchens to their lounges that feature a coffee section. They give the whole place an added dimension of class and are often looked up on as a reflection of the individual’s sense of aesthetics.

Materials for Italian Coffee Tables

The most popular material for building Italian coffee tables is wood but modern times have seen coffee tables being made from just about anything. Traditionally however an Italian coffee table would be a wood top. These days many people like to go with glass tops that make the coffee table look even more attractive and elegant. Furthermore it is much easier to keep the glass top shining with the use of an ordinary window cleaner. Glass top coffee tables give the whole setting of the room a fresh look. The glass top is obviously put up on wooden legs.

Italian coffee tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Traditionally however Italian coffee tables used to be either square or circular in shape and seating between two to four people max. These days however you have coffee tables that are round, square, rectangular and even oval. They are usually adorned with a beautifully designed tablecloth to give them a complete Italian coffee house touch. Italian coffee tables are a great addition to the interior décor of any home.

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