Opera Houses in Italy

Are you going on holiday o Italy? Would you like to watch an opera in one of Italy’s most famous opera houses? Our guide tells you where the best opera houses in Italy are and gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Italy is the birthplace and spiritual home of opera music with some of the best opera singers and composers in the World coming from Italy. Every year tickets for opera performances in Italy fetch high prices as opera houses across Italy sell out when the opera season begins. A successful opera performance depends to a significant extent on the presence of favourable acoustic conditions which in turn depends on the architecture of the opera house itself. Italy has some of the best opera houses in the world, some of which we’ve mentioned below.

Opera houses in Milan

The largest and most well known opera house in Milan is known as the La Scala opera house which has played host to opera performances since 1778. The La Scala opera house is well known in Milan even to those who aren’t particularly opera fans, because it is a major landmark in the city of Milan. The La Scala Opera House has recently been renovated due to a fire in previous years; however, this had given the owners the opportunity to update certain elements of the opera house and fit it with the latest technology.  The opera season in Milan begins some time in November and continues until July. Tickets to an opera performance in Milan can set you back anywhere between €10-215.

Opera houses in Naples

Naples is probably the best place to watch an opera performance in the south of Italy. The main opera house in Naples is known as Teatro San Carlo, and with six levels of balconies, this opera house is the largest in all of Italy. It is also one of the oldest opera houses in Italy dating back about 270 years. It may be quite difficult to obtain tickets for the opera here as demand is huge and tickets are usually sold out on a seasonal basis before the opera season even commences. However, if you’re interested in seeing the interior of the opera house then there are guided tours available for the price of €5.

Opera houses in Venice

Venice has two main venues in which opera performances are staged. The main opera house in Venice is called La Fenice which has recently been restored after a fire in 1996. Tickets to watch the opera here can cost anywhere between €20-100. The other opera venue in Venice is Teatro Malibran with is a slightly smaller place dating back to the 17th century.

Opera houses in Verona

Verona offers an interesting opportunity to watch the opera in the form of the Roman Arena which still hosts regular performances today. Alternatively, there is the more modern 18th century Teatro Filarmonico in which opera performances are staged in addition to ballet and other performing arts.

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