Italian Diamond Horns

Can you think of a better way to woo someone other than diamond jewelry? How about coupling it with good luck as well? An Italian diamond horn is sure to win hearts for you. Read all prices, designs & materials in our information guide.

Diamonds are the best loved precious stones since time immemorial. Women would gladly have them for anything. Italian horns with their long history as charms bringing good luck and warding of evils, combine with the precious diamonds to form a remarkable combination.

Italian Horns

In ancient times, people strongly believed in the evil eye superstition, which was thought to have harmful influences on the sexual powers and fertility of men and women, fruit and harvest yields, nursing mums and even milking cattle. For protection from all these evil influences, people sought the protection of the moon goddess by wearing her horns. The moon goddess had great influence on the people of Italy and Europe before Christianity arrived in the region. These horns were mostly made of silver as silver was closely associated with the moon goddess, however natural corals were also used as horn amulets. When Christianity took hold in the region, the images of the moon goddess were replaced by the images of the Virgin Mary, but the horns continued to be in use and are still worn today. These horns, which were worn as amulets only in the past are now being worn for other reasons as well. For Fashion!!! The Italian horns have become considerably popular and are now in vogue. You can wear them for good luck and make your very own style statement as well.


Diamonds are the most precious stone in the world. Chemically, it is an allotrope of carbon and is represented as “c”. It is found in various colours. Usually it is found in brown, yellow, grey or colourless. Very rarely, it can be found in green, blue, black, pink, violet, orange, red and purple.

Diamonds have many qualities. Its quality is judged on the basis of the following criteria. Carats, colour, cut and clarity. The more the diamond is colourless, the greater is its value. This is also the case with carats and clarity. The finer cutting the diamond has got, the more valuable it gets.

Italian Diamond Horns

Italian horns are made in various materials. Yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, platinum and even natural corals. But probably the most expensive ones are made up of diamonds coupled with white gold. They are not only exquisite to look at; they are sort of an investment, as “diamonds are forever”.

The great thing about Italian diamond horns is that they are not limited to pendants. Earrings, charm bracelets, brooches and even anklets that can be found having Italian diamond horns. But Italian diamond horns are best loved as pendants. The favorite design comprises of 10 diamonds exquisitely set on the Italian horn combined with white gold.

Their prices depend on the size and weight of the diamonds as well as other materials used along with it. They are no doubt expensive but some people are really worth the price, aren’t they?

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