Italian Food Names

Looking for a particular Italian dish but forgot the name? want to know the names of some of the most common types of Italian food? Our guide to Italian food names gives you the facts & information you want to know.

There is something about the native language of the country of Italy that adds a unique flavor to the conversation. When it comes to Italian cuisine the flavor of the exotic sounding dishes can actually be tasted on the tongue. Italian food is quite different from the cuisine we regularly get to eat. Although most people probably have the perception that all Italian food is fast food that is not necessarily the case. Of course Pizzas have an Italian origin but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are to be credited for the world wide popularity of this Italian dish. Other Italian food will force you to take things slow and indulge in the sensational food that tastes just as good as it sounds.

Modern Italian Food Names

Recent trends have shown people have become very fond of Italian names. This includes giving their children Italian names, their shops and their restaurants as well. This is because the Italian names add a unique dimension and exclusiveness to anything that they are used for. Although you will be able to find lots of restaurants that sport Italian names very few of them will actually be able to serve you good Italian food apart from Pizza. Before we get to the food, the ambiance of an Italian restaurant should be more than enough to give away the richness of its food. The paintings on the wall and the overall interior designing should give you a feel of 17th century Italy and not modern plastic times. Then you know you are in the right place for exclusive Italian food.

Italian Food Appetizers

Traditionally Italians have been very fond of appetizers and in the good restaurants the trend continues till today. You will get the chance to indulge in fried zucchini and roasted garlic which two of the most popular items eaten as appetizers in Italy. Stuffed portabello and mushrooms stuffed with crab meat are other delicacies that serve as a prelude to the main course. Of course the fired provolone also comes under the same heading. For a first timer it will be hard to refrain from stuffing up on the appetizers and leaving no space for the main course. The salads that you will find in Italian restaurants are a meal by themselves. You will get an overly generous serving of salad with Italian oil and vinegar as the dressing.

Popular Italian Food Names

Now to enter the main course if you have any place left in your stomach that is. You will find almost all of the Italian dishes to have something or the other to do with pasta. This can be in the form of spaghetti, ziti and linguini etc. This does not mean that Italian food will deprive you of meat because they have an equally complementing amount of meat in their food. The chicken Cathatori is amongst the most popular Italian food names. Then you have other delicacies like the veil parmesan and the good old spaghetti and meatballs. Italian restaurants will offer you an exhaustive list of main courses which makes choosing an overwhelming task. Spumoni and Tortoni are amongst the names of items that will be served to you as desserts. Italian cuisine has some of the most unique desserts in the world.

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