Animals And Plants Of Argentina

Argentina is a long country, beginning just south of the tropics and ending in Tierra del Fuego, an island north of Antarctica. As this is the case, along with varied climates, you get a wide variation in the types of animals and plants. Read our gui

Northern Argentina is fairly close to the tropics and you have a warm, moist sub tropical climate here. The plant life tends to lean toward tropical type plants. These will include trees like the pal, rosewood, lignum vitae, jacaranda and red quebracho. Animals found here are also typical of the tropics. You will find monkeys, jaguars, pumas, ocelots and anteaters among the unusual species. You will also find more sub tropical animals like the raccoon. Birds of the northern area include flamingos, various types of hummingbirds and parrots.

The Pampas

Located in the heart of Argentina is the Pampas. Grasses are the principal type of vegetation found here. This is the area where the great herds of beef cattle are grown. Trees other than drought resistant varieties of the eucalyptus, sycamore and acacia are almost non existent in this area. Rather, it is like a great plain. This is the home of the South American cowboy, or the gaucho.

Other plants found on the Pampas have adapted themselves to the windy and warm, humid climate of the grasslands. Plants include cattails, water lilies and reeds, all of which prefer wetlands but have adapted to the drier climate here.

Birds found in the Pampas include seed eating birds like the great Pampas Finch, the Yellow Finch and the Long Tailed Reed Finch. There is also the Greater Rhea, a relative of the African ostrich and the Australian emu.

Unusual animals found here include the Geoffrey’s’ Cat which has a grey and black coat that makes it almost invisible among the tall grass. The Maned Wolf has long legs that make it visible over the tall Pampas grasses. You will also find a llama like animal called the Guanaco. This animal usually is found around ponds and water sources.

There are also more common animals found in the Pampas. Animals like hares, deer, falcons, armadillos and foxes make the Pampas their home. Many of these are also found in the Patagonia region of Argentina, south of the Pampas.

Andean Argentina

Typical of all mountain ranges, there are large forests of coniferous trees in the Andes which grow up to the tree line. Animals found in this area include llamas, guanacos, vicunas, alpacas and condors.

Sub Antarctic Argentina

This is the land at the very southern region of Argentina. Vegetation is of the low scrub brush variety. Only animals adapted to truly cold weather exist here, notably a variety of penguin.

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