Italian Gold

Want to buy Italian gold jewelry? Perhaps an Italian white gold charm or 18k Italian gold bracelet? Read our guide on what to look for and buying tips…

Italy is a country of style, finesse and craftsmanship. It has enjoyed the reputation of being the number one producer of fine gold jewelry products in Europe for centuries, although now China, India and Turkey are offering tough competition. Mostly 18 carat gold is used in Italy although it’s possible to find  higher carats of gold also used.

Italian Gold Industry

The Italian gold industry is quite large and contributes a significant chunk to the Italian economy. Nearly 500 tons of fine gold are processed and used each year in Italy in addition to substantial amounts of silver and copper. The Italian gold industry employs more than 40,000 people. Most of the 10,000 companies that make up the Italian gold industry are concentrated in the following five regions of Italy, making them famous particularly for gold all around the world. They are:
• Veneto
• Tuscany
• Piedmont
• Lombardy
• Campania

Italian Goldsmiths

Italians take pride in their gold traditions. They keep their traditional techniques and designs alive while keeping pace with the contemporary style and demands. That is why there are a number of Goldsmith Design Schools to train the new generation.

Italian Gold Jewelry Market

Gold prices throughout the world are experiencing a steep and rather fast climb. Investors are investing in gold heavily all around the world. While consumers in the rest of the world are having to pay alot morefor their gold jewelry, consumers in Italy are not suffering as much. This is because the Italian goldsmiths very wisely started using less gold content, using new processes and techniques to improve quality and strength and using new metal bases. This all led to the manufacture of gold products that snuggle very easily into consumers’ pockets.

The Love of Gold

The love of human kind for gold is not a new one. It has always enjoyed a special place in the lives of people throughout history. It is actually a precious metal occurring in nature as nuggets or grains in rocks. It has been particularly used as money in the form of gold coins and for ornamental purposes as jewelry. It was a standard to show one’s wealth in the past. Even now, countries use gold as their store of value.

Properties of Italian Gold

In its purest form, gold has a bright yellow colour and is very soft. In fact it is so soft it cannot be used without hardening it. For hardening it, various other metals are combined and then this gold alloy is used. The amount of pure gold in the alloy is measured in Carats indicated as “k”. Usually the following carats are used: 24 Carats-(pure gold), 22 k, 18k, 14k and 10k.

The higher the carat, the more gold content it contains. The lower the carat, the more metal base content it contains. Mostly copper is used but silver and other metals are also used to make gold alloys.
So rest assured, if your sweetheart has received a gold jewelry item from you, it is going to be cherished for long……

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