Italian Greyhound Allergies

It’s hard being allergic to your dog. Luckily, there are some dogs that won’t aggravate your allergies as much as others. Read on find out more about the lack of Italian Greyhound allergies…

Some people wonder if there is such a thing as dog allergies. Although cat allergies are much more prevalent, people can still be allergic to dogs. Also, people who are not allergic to one type of animal may be allergic to another. So what makes gives people allergic reactions to their pets and other animals? It could be the pet’s fur, the shed skin cells, the saliva, anything that comes off the animal’s body.  Pet fur and shed skin cells are called dander. Pet fur also tends to aggravate allergies because even if the person is not allergic to pet fur itself, other allergens, such as dust or pollen, can become trapped in the pet fur.  When you come into contact with pet fur, dander, animal saliva, or waste, you may experience a mild skin irritation and itchy eyes all the way to the more severe reactions of swelling, tightening of the air passage, and asthma. These reactions occur because your immune system has mistakenly identified the pet substance as a germ or infectant and is reacting to combat it. For those people with severe allergies, a reaction will normally occur very after contact, whereas others may have a delayed reaction.

There are some ways you can avoid having a reaction to dog allergies.

Treatment Options for Dog Allergies

The simplest idea is to stay away from dogs. But if you like dogs and don’t want to completely avoid them, your best bet is to get a hairless or short-haired dog. One such dog is the Italian Greyhound. Hardly anyone ever complains of Italian Greyhound allergies. Although no dog is completely hypo-allergenic, hairless and short-haired breeds are better for this than others just because they have less fur to create problems for you with. Also, there are some dogs that shed skin cells less than others.

Whatever breed of dog you have or get, though, there are some things you can do to further lessen your allergies.

1.    Keep dogs out of certain areas of the house – If you want a safe zone, close doors or put up pet/baby gates to keep dogs out of your safe rooms.
2.    Keep dogs off the furniture – Fabrics collect hair and dander.
3.    Limit carpeting – Like furniture, pet fur and dander can easily become trapped in carpet and is very difficult to remove with any true efficiency.
4.    Use air purifiers – These will collect allergens, including loose pet fur and dander, from the air.

Following the above tips will help even if your allergies are severe enough to have Italian Greyhound allergies.

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