Italian Greyhound Figurines

Want to buy an Italian greyhound figurine? Read on for facts & information about the different types of greyhound ornaments available…

People make all possible efforts to exhaust anything that has any commercial viability whatsoever. It is no secret that the little breed of dogs known as the Italian greyhounds has become a popular choice of companion pets in recent years. These dogs were initially taken as a symbol of intricacy in the 17th century royal court houses of Italy. Their quiet and timid nature coupled with the aristocratic high stepping walk made them a favorite amongst the rich and famous. Wants are unlimited and resources limited but still people are not satisfied with owning a real live Italian greyhound but want toys of the same breed.

History of Greyhound Figurines

The popularity of the Italian greyhound has given birth to another art form, namely of creating figurines of the breed of dogs. Don’t be fooled to thinking these Italian greyhound figurines are toys for little children; on the contrary these toys are most popular with the hard core Italian greyhound fans. These figurines can serve as a showpiece in an office or at home. They also serve as reminders in places where you cannot carry the dog with you. People like to have an Italian greyhound figurine hanging in their cars or displayed in their drawing rooms. Furthermore some people may not be able to keep an Italian greyhound as a pet for any reason whatsoever hence the figurines are also created to console such individuals. You don’t have to be a particular diehard Italian greyhound fan to own one of these figurines because they make great gifts anyways. It is common to find these figurines in houses where people don’t even know what breed of dog it is.

Italian Greyhound Figurine Characteristics

The Italian greyhound figurines come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are made out of different building materials also. It’s funny to see these Italian greyhound figurines dressed up as different characters which to some seem to have a symbolic reflection of their actual characteristics. Don’t try and argue with an Italian greyhound lover about the sense that these figurines make because that is going to turn out futile. Usually we find the head of these figurines to be hand painted with resin. This is the only element of the whole figurine that looks like the dog itself the rest of the figure has a soft body that is clothed as a completely different character. Marketers will tell you that an Italian greyhound figurine dressed up as a gardener is a prized possession to own. Not to forget the golfer, picnicker and skiing Italian greyhound figurine which add to this collection of Italian greyhounds being made to do human like things. These are known as themed figurines but you will be able to get a normal scaled down model of the Italian greyhound as well, although that could come under a different heading. Nonetheless we find these toys to have gained world wide popularity.

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