Mexican Carnival Cruises

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Many people planning their first Mexican cruise opt for the well known Carnival cruises. They are a reliable name in the cruise industry and recognized as one of the market leaders.

Carnival cruise lines are among the world’s largest cruise liners which were founded in 1972. There are numerous destinations which the ships sails to including ports in Europe, Alaska, South Pacific, Australia, New England, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Mexican Riveria.
Carnival cruises are chosen for the variety offered, excellent service, high quality ships which come with many facilities and features enough to ensure that the passengers have a comfortable and smooth sail. They have a wide target audience and so offer packages that fit most budgets.

Their cruises are designed to ensure that the travellers visit the best locations, get a taste about the Mexican culture, enjoy the scenery and have a unique and exciting experience of the cruise.


You can choose from the many different routes to Mexico. Depending on the duration of the cruise the itinerary varies.
Carnival Mexican cruises include destinations such as Baja which is south of the American border, Western Caribbean’s ports and also covers the Mexican Riveria.

Short cruises of three to four days are preferred by those who lead busy and hectic lives which do not make longer vacations possible. For them the perfect getaway is a weekend cruise which leaves on Friday and returns on Monday.

Such as the three day cruise to the Baja Peninsula from San Diego fits this description. The journey begins with a day on the ship where the passengers spend time enjoying the many on board activities such as swimming or mini golf. The ship then arrives in Ensenada which was once a fishing village but today it is a popular tourist destination.

There are numerous sights to explore here including the natural sea water spout which goes up to 100 feet in air. Other than this horseback riding, shopping at Avenida Primera, kayaking and golfing are other activities to take up.

Another carnival cruise departs from New Orleans to Mexico which continues for five days. The cruise arrives in Progreso, Yucatan where the sand beaches and aquamarine waters garner large crowds.

The tour includes a visit to the archaeological site in the Americas, the Mayan ruins which is home to the pyramid of Kulkulcan. Further tourists can also go fishing, buggy excursions, off-road adventures and a trip to the El Jaguar Golf course.

The last destination is the port of Cozumel which is known for its world class diving and relaxing environment. One can head for a trip in a 48 passenger submarine to view the natural scenery of coral reefs and tropical fish.

The cruise ships

Carnival cruise ships come with many facilities and features to ensure that every passenger has a comfortable stay. They come with a mini golf course, sauna, fitness center, serenity retreat area for adults, kids clubs with a video arcade area and a beauty salon.

Different ships have different pool facilities also. Some have whirlpools, twister water slides, Water work others have resort style pools and splash parks.

Choose the Carnival cruise if you are travelling for the first time or would like to be treated well at your Mexican cruise.

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