Mexican Office Furniture

Are you looking to refurnish your office to give it that warm yet professional feel? Mexican office furniture is an affordable way to instantly create a warm and welcoming office area. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Mexican style office furniture is so versatile that it has been modernized to deal with the contemporary requirements of any office, with furnishing types such as computer stations, filing cabinets and office desks with all the trimmings you would expect from high quality makers. The rustic aesthetic of Mexican style furniture contrasts with modern office functionality, and creates a warm, inviting ambience to in any office. Office furniture comes in a range of finishes, including softwood, hardwood and copper. It also often includes wrought iron accents and finishes, for a classy and elegant touch.

Wood furniture

Mexican furniture is frequently characterized by a robust wood construction, coupled with a light wax finish, and office furniture is no exception. The wood medium means that an infinite number of additional shelves, drawers and compartments can be added, and the robust style makes it durable and easy to self assemble even when it is delivered as a flat pack. The Mexican style also dictates a need for fine craftsmanship that includes hand carved elements such as carved panels and curved edgings. Wood office furnishings can also be stained to match darker color schemes of décor. Mexican wood furniture generally comes in 3 types of wood, and these include pine, alder and mesquite.

Pine is characterized by a light, soft look that is very affordable. Its affordability means that an entire office can be furnished at a relatively low price, whilst maintaining a beautiful wood finish that radiates rustic charm. Alder and mesquite wood are much harder and denser woods than pine, and are characterized by a deeper and richer color that glows with luxury. Furniture made of these woods are normally much more expensive than the readily available pine range, and can often be in the form of antique furnishings, or furnishings that have used heavy reclaimed wood for a truly rustic finish.

Copper furniture

For a more opulent and lavish look, there is also a range of copper-finish office furniture that features beautiful rich copper plated tabletops and panels, often brought together with wrought iron-look frames and accents. This type of furniture is typically sealed with lacquer for a more durable finish, and can be hard to come by. The unique depth and sheen of the copper instantly gives any office an impressive, regal look, whilst the Mexican rustic style also keeps the tone inviting. Mexican copper office furniture can be a fair bit more expensive than the wood range, but its distinctive luster cannot be matched.

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