Italian Greyhound Jackets

Why should you get a jacket for your Italian Greyhound? For the same reason you get one for yourself! Keep reading for information on Italian Greyhound fleece coats…

Do you ever need to wear a jacket? Of course you do! And so does your dog. Some people say that dogs have fur and therefore already have their own jacket. True, but we all need a little extra warmth sometimes and this is especially true of the Italian Greyhound. They’re small frame, skinny body, and short hair make them extra susceptible to the cold.

Your dog might not know what to think of a jacket at first, but once they see the benefits it gives, they won’t mind wearing it at all. Italian Greyhounds like to be active, but they’re also very picky. They won’t go outside when it’s raining or cold out, no matter how much they might want to go tear through the yard or go on that walk. But with a jacket on, your dog can go outside in the cold or rain and not be bothered as much by it.
Italian Greyhounds, like most dogs, also frequently develop arthritis as a normal part of the ageing process. Putting a jacket on your dog, when they’re inside and outside, can help ease the discomfort as the jacket helps to insulate their natural body heat. In fact, almost all Italian Greyhounds like to be warm. Even young and healthy ones will often lay out in the sun or try to find a window that receives directly sunlight. Feeling warm to them is a comforting feeling.

Finally, with shorthaired dogs like the Italian Greyhound, wearing a jacket can help protect them from UV rays and the possibility of developing a sunburn or skin cancer. When your dog goes outside in the winter and the sun is reflecting off the snow, put a jacket on to keep out the cold and the sun. In the summer, you can use a lightweight jacket for the same reason.

Italian Greyhound Jackets Make You Happy!

Not everyone agrees on this point, but many people feel that dressing dogs in jackets and other clothes just looks cute. You’ll have fun picking out new items for your dog.

Secondly, do you remember how I said Italian Greyhounds hate going outside in the rain and cold? Can you guess what they do when have to use the bathroom, but don’t want to go out in the weather? Right. They use your floor. Putting a jacket on them and convincing them to go outside saves you the trouble of cleaning up a mess. Buying or making a jacket for your Italian Greyhound is well worth it just to not have to deal with the “accidents”.

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