Gold Russian Coins

Gold Russian coins, dating back as far as the 10th century, could form a priceless collection, apart from rendering a valuable future investment for enthusiastic coin collectors. Read our guide for more facts and information about Russian gold coinsâ

Beginning from the 10th century, when gold Russian coins were minted from imported gold, Russia has promptly minted gold coins amidst various regimes. Though each gold coin is worth many US dollars, the original issues of these coins command an incredibly high price.

Gold Russian coins in the ancient era

At the close of the 10th century, when the earliest gold coins of Russia were minted, Russia had not yet discovered any gold deposits within its territory. Therefore, until the mid-eighteenth century, Russia imported gold mostly from the European continent to mint coins which were meant for gifts and medals, and not for circulation. ‘Zlato’ or ‘Zlatnik’ was the first gold coin of Russia. In the mid-thirteenth century, Ivan III began minting gold coins, much like trade coinage, matching the Austrian Ducats of that time.

Different gold coins of Russia

Kopeks, Poltinas, Ducats and Novodels are among Russian gold coins belonging to the early days. These coins are very rare today, and other coins that could be available include the Imperial and Rouble. The available gold coins start from 1800s through the present era. The value of each coin is determined by the mintage, the date and the conditions.

The Imperial age coins, before the Russian Revolution, are popularly known and they have the Tsar of that period inscribed on the coins; for instance Nicholas the II. After the Revolution, the socialist state also issued gold coins. The socialist state, RSFSR, had issued only the 10 Roubles, known as Chervonetz. This Chervonetz was issued originally in 1923. Its second issue came in 1925, under the USSR, and its third issue lasted from 1975-82.

The 10 Rouble gold coin of 1898, with Nicholas II inscribed on it, could cost around 120 US dollars and a 10 Rouble could be 90% fine gold, with 0.2489 gold content per ounce. Moscow Olympic coins of 1980 are also significant, with a current value of up to 300 US dollars. In order to commemorate the XXXII Olympics in Moscow, the government of Russia issued a series of its gold coins of 100 Roubles.

The latest gold coins of Russia

Gold Russian coins have been minted continuously, regardless of the various regimes from ancient Russia to Soviet Russia and the Russian Federation. Russia still produces a good number of gold coins, just as do several other countries. The Russian Ballet, Zodiac Signs and Russian Wildlife are the three significant series of gold Russian coins.

The fascinating collection of gold Russian coins are available for sale for coin collectors, who are interested in such specialized gold coins, and reputed dealers also offer these sales online.

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