Italian Greyhound Supplies

What do you need for your Italian Greyhound? Find out with our list of Italian Greyhound Dog supplies…

When you get a new dog, there are some basic things you’ll need to have in order to ensure proper care for your new canine friend. These things are necessities, but are also fairly cheap, so they shouldn’t be a problem for you to afford. These include:

  • A food bowl and water bowl. You can use your own dishes or Tupperware or buy specially-made dog bowls.
  • A leash.  Almost all breeds of dogs need to go on walks to get the proper amount of exercise and this is especially true for Italian Greyhounds. They have more energy than a lot of other breeds and need to be active in order to be happy.
  • A collar / harness. Every pet should have a collar for safety and control issues. We recommend a harness in order to avoid pulling on the dog’s neck and possibly causing injury or discomfort.
  • Dog food. Dogs eat almost anything, but you should provide your dog with the best nutrition that you can to keep your pet healthy. There are many brands and grades of dog food on the market today. Try to find one that uses the most natural ingredients and provides a balanced diet. Remember that dry foods will be better for your dog’s teeth than wet canned food.
  • Dog house or shelter. If you plan to leave your dog out for long periods of time, make sure they have a place to escape the rainy or cold weather.

Optional Italian Greyhound Supplies

If you can, these are some dog supplies that are not strictly necessary, but will serve to make your dog more happy. If you can’t afford all of them right away, consider them adding them as you’re able.

  • A dog bed. Many people let their dogs sleep on the furniture or bed, but if you’d rather not deal with pet fur getting on your cushions and blankets, give your dog an alternative cozy spot to sleep.
  • Dog clothes and pajamas. Many smaller dogs, like the Italian Greyhound, get cold more easily than other breeds. Dressing them in clothes, and especially pajamas at night, will help them feel warmer and happier.
  • Dog treats. Every dog loves treats. These are great for training or just as a bedtime snack. Try to find a treat that does more than just taste good, though. There are many treats that work to improve your dog’s dental care or other minor health issues.
  • Dog bones and toys. Let’s face it. There’s not much a dog can do to entertain themselves. Give them some toys or bones to chew on to occupy their time. You may need to perform a little trial and error to find out which toys and which types of bones your dog will like best.
  • A dog crate or fences. If you need to keep your pet locked away from the rest of the house or away from guests, buy a dog crate or a fence. Do yourself a favour, though, and get your dog used to these before you actually need them. Otherwise they’ll be whining the whole time.

Other Italian Greyhound supplies include nail trimmers, shampoo, brushes, and flea medicine. If you plan on taking your dog to the groomer, though, you can avoid having to buy these things yourself.

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