Italian Lace Up Shoes

Do you want to know how you can take care of your Italian lace up shoes so that they can give you years of lasting comfort and style? Then read our informative and factual guide…

Italian lace up shoes are among the most elegant and chic looking footwear coming out of Italy for men. You could not possibly ask for better footwear to couple with an immaculately made suit. They are ideal when worn in a formal setting whether for a high powered corporate meeting or even to a wedding.

While lace up shoes have been around for a while and are also locally manufactured; you will find that Italian lace ups are a big hit among men of all ages. One of the reasons for this is the stylish look of these shoes; add to this the comfort level offered by these shoes and it’s easy to understand why most men pine for a pair in their wardrobe.

You will find that most Italian lace up shoes are made from suede instead of the shiny, stiff leather used in the manufacture of commercially produced shoes. While this is the softest material that can be used for men’s shoes, its very easy to soil shoes made of suede, the soft material stains easily and can be a pain to clean unless you take precautionary measures in advance.

If you want to prevent water marks and stains on your suede Italian lace up shoes, try using sprays specially designed for use on such footwear that prevent moisture from seeping under the surface of the material.

In case of stains on your shoes, such as scuff marks, use a suede eraser to take care of them. On the other hand, if you are battling particularly nasty and tough stains, you may need to use the eraser more diligently by rubbing it up and down the stain to remove it. Scuff marks are relatively easy to remove because you could simply use your suede brush and the marks should disappear.

As opposed to this, water stains can permanently damage your precious shoes. To treat these blemishes on your footwear, use a damp cloth to wipe the entire surface of the shoe; this will moisten it and prepare it for the next step. Now, use an absorbent cloth to wipe out the excess fluid; this will help to remove the stain formed due to the original water mark by smoothing the color. The final step is to let these shoes dry overnight. You will also need to use stretchers inside the soft suede material to prevent the shoes from deforming. If you don’t have a pair of stretchers simply shove some newspaper balls inside the shoes before storing them.

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