Italian Mens Suits

Are you looking for the perfect fit when it comes to men’s suits? Find out how an Italian suit can do wonders for your appearance in our comprehensive information guide to suits & tailoring for men in Italy.

The importance of looking elegant cannot be under estimated. Of course it shouldn’t be over rated but elegance is a much loved attribute amongst men. In the western world suits are supposed to be the most elegant way of dressing for men. Whether they attend a wedding or work there is nothing that works better than a suit for men. Within the different kinds of suits available to men the Italian suits occupy a special place and are often referred to as the zenith of men’s clothing. Italian suits have come a long way and have now established themselves as an authority in men’s clothing. In an Italian suit it is all about the cut. The better the cut is the better the over all appearance of the individual. The reason behind this is that Italian suits are especially made in a way that hides the flaws in a body and accentuates its good points making the individual look his optimum best.

Traditionally Italian suits used to be handmade. Today however you will find some tailors to take the assistance of computers or other machinery but there is still an element of secrecy involved in the tailoring of Italian suits. These secrets are actually well preserved tricks of the trade and vary from tailor to tailor. Each tailor has his own way of adding finesse to the Italian suit. You will find most of the Italian tailoring outlets to be family run which makes it easier to maintain the secrets and pass them down through the bloodline only. Tailors are very peculiar about their tricks and they would do anything to prevent them from leaking out because they are the secret to his success.

What makes Italian suits so different?

There is no doubt about the fact that quality is of utmost importance when it comes to men’s suiting. Italian or otherwise most suit makers will give you their word for the quality of their material and tailoring. Italian suits on the other hand take it a step further when it comes to quality. This is because not only are they extremely skilled tailors who are more than apt to give you a great finished piece, rather their tailoring is customized and relative to the shape of the wearers body. You will be surprised how an Italian suit can make you look thin if you are a bit on the heavier side or taller if that is what you require.

This is the specialty of the Italian suit that no other kind of suit can give you. This is accomplished by a number of different tricks which vary from tailor to tailor. Generally though you will find the armholes to be a bit higher than the usual suits and the overall shape of the suit will be more streamlined. By carefully proportioning the garment the tailors produce a suit that is going to accentuate the wearer’s appearance. The dual purpose of the Italian suit that is its flattering the wearer on one end and concealing his flaws on the other make an Italian suit the most unorthodox form of men’s suit.

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