Italian Passport Cover

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Italian passports are issued generally to citizens who want to travel beyond the borders of Italy on an international flight. Within the European Union Italian citizens are allowed to travel by displaying their national ID cards.

Since the year 2006, Italy has introduced biometric passports with new Italian passport covers. These are available in 32- page booklets or a 48-page booklet for different prices, but the tax mark is the same for both. The validity of the Italian passport is 10 years from the date of issue.

Italian Passport Covers

The Italian passport covers are burgundy in color and have the Italian coat of arms printed in the center of the Italian passport cover. The Italian word for passport called Passporto, is printed on the bottom. This follows below the coat of arms and has also got the words Unione Europea, meaning the European Union as well as the phrase Repubblica Italiana that translates into Italian Republic above.

When it comes to the e-passport, the Italian passport cover has the biometric symbol emblazoned at the bottom, much like that followed in different countries across the world. In fact the Italian passport cover follows the standard European Union design.

Inside the Italian Passport Cover

The data housed inside the Italian passport cover is the photograph of the passport holder, the type of passport/document it is, as well as the coding of the issuing state, which in this case is Italy, and the passport is stamped with ITA to denote the country, which has issued it. Each passport has a unique and unrepeated passport number.

Apart from this, the personal details of the passport holder include the given names, surname, nationality, date of birth and place of birth as well as their gender along with the date of issue and the date of expiry of the passport. Apart from this, the issuing authority details are also provided in this document and the information page ends with a machine-readable strip or zone.

It is interesting to note that the information page is printed in the Italian language along with French and English to make it a universally readable and acceptable document.
This document is valid for visa on arrival as well as visa free travel across the European Union as well as different countries across the world.

Coat Of Arms on the Italy Passport Cover

The National Emblem of the Italian Republic has been utilized as a symbol representing the Italian Republic since May 5, 1948, even though Italy has a long-standing history of utilizing different Coat Of Arms in different stages of its history.

The new emblem however, does not strictly conform to traditional rules of heraldry. The bearings on the passport or the Coat Of Arms are actually the House of Savoy and Blazon, which was utilized previously in the kingdom of Italy with the supporters on both sides and a lion.

Italy was unified after independence during its period of resurgence, which was reflected in the tricolor of green, white and red that signified independence and the Italian nationals fight towards freedom.

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