Evening In Paris Perfume

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In the year 1929, Borjois Paris developed a perfume called Evening in Paris perfume. This is perhaps one of the most recognized and celebrated perfumes all over the world.

It became an instant success and was perhaps the favorite fragrance during the World War II era. Even now this charming fragrance is a reminder of wartime stories, dance halls, seamed stockings worn by the women in those days and of course the GIs.

This fragrance was re-launched in limited edition with the name of Soir de Paris. This classic perfume is as evocative as it was when it was originally launched. To give it a yesteryear charm in the new age it has been universally repackaged in a stunning glass bottle in the shape of a crescent with a striking cobalt blue color. This is truly a timeless classic and it is a rare find making it a romantic, classic yet modern-day fragrance.

People have kept old bottles in stock even when the labels have come off it. The Evening in Paris perfume bottle has a metal dauber and it measures 2 1/2″ tall. The brand name of the manufacturer Bourjois is printed on the bottom of the bottle.

Evening in Paris is a testimony to the 1920s and the daring lifestyle of that era. The glittering nightlife and the flappers fashion, combined with the heady perfume of luxury was the right time to indulge in glamour and luxury with the Evening in Paris perfume. In the 1950s, Evening in Paris was known as the perfume worn by maximum number of women all over the world.

Re-launch Of the Perfume after Sudden Disappearance

However by 1969 this perfume known as Soir de Paris, completely disappeared from the market. It is now available for the first time after 1969 in the US. The fragrance can be described as light a classic eau de perfume which has a rich floral bouquet and blended to a slightly woody base. The perfume is available in a 1.6 ounce glass bottle spray. This most famous fragrance in the world is back again and is as evocative as ever.

Base Notes and Fragrance Selection

This heady and famous fragrance was previously owned by Chanel, and was again reformulated in 1992 by Chanel perfumers to give it a new lease of life in the modern day of perfumes and fragrances by matching it to the fragrance trends prevalent today. It is a sweet, creamy and smooth fragrance with a slightly woody base note. It can be described as  romantic at heart, and is a classic scent which has been upgraded with a little more hint of sweetness.

This fragrance has a blend of flowers which include the strong Ylang Ylang, the distinct scent of jasmine, the exotic Turkish rose, smooth violet, sweet peach, creamy vanilla, smooth musk and strong bergamot. The Eue de Parfum spray atomizer is one hundred percent authentic and it is the original fragrance of the most popular fragrance of the world, Evening in Paris.

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