Italian Pie Restaurants

Looking for a place to get some Italian pie? Look for an Italian pie restaurant near you and find out what they have to give you.

Ever since the internet explosion, Italian cuisine has spread to the rest of the world like wild fire. The huge cuisine once contained within the boundaries of the boot shaped country has now crossed borders, interceded cultures and dissected age old traditions. The Italian cuisine has a lot of divisions. Amongst the major divisions is that of a regional cuisine. Yet another breakup of the Italian cuisine is in the form of holiday cuisines. It is no secret that for the Italians the best way to celebrate is to prepare lots of good food and share it with your friends and family. Easter is one of the most significant holidays of the year. With the passage of time the Italians have developed a full fledged formalized Italian Easter cuisine.

The Italian Easter cuisine is made up of a number of delicious food and dessert items. Amongst the many different items in the Easter cuisine Italian style pies have become a world wide hit. So much so that there are specialist Italian pie restaurants situated in many non-Italian lands throughout the world. These restaurants give the public a chance to taste one of the wonders of the Italian cuisine; The Italian pie.

Where does the Italian pie come from?

The Italian pie holds a prominent position in the history of the country. The trend has a long history behind it which goes back to the good old days of Italy. The first of the Italian pies known as the Italian Easter pie was a meat and cheese based pie especially prepared for Easter Sunday. The motive behind the meat pie was simple, to celebrate the end of the days of lent which required the Italian Christians to fast and abstain from meat altogether on Friday. Hence baking a meat pie was considered the best way to celebrate. Regional differences in the recipe and preparation techniques of the Italian pie were prevalent and this led to a number of different kinds of pies that the world has become exposed to.

What do Italian pie restaurants have to offer?

Basically Italian pie restaurants will offer you a taste of the Easter traditions of Italy. You will be able to get this taste in the form of varied kind of pies ranging from salty to sweet. Some of these pies are specifically served as part of the main course whereas others are delicious dessert items. Amongst the pies that you will be able to get in these restaurants is the meat pie. Most restaurants will offer you a variety of different kinds of meat fillings within the pie. You can even go for the meatless cheese pie which serves as an ideal treat for cheese lovers. The vegetable pie is yet another variety served at these restaurants and happens to be one of the most popular versions of the pie. The rice pie and ricotta pie are popular sweet varieties of the Italian pie.

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