Spring Break Acapulco 2012

Want to spend spring break in Acapulco Mexico? Looking for an all inclusive vacation package for spring break in Acapulco? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Acapulco is a popular destination for college students from the US to spend their spring break vacation. Although not as popular as Cancun, Acapulco nonetheless has a lot to offer and is in many ways a more attractive alternative for spring break if you are looking for somewhere not so crowded but just as fun. Although Cancun has become synonymous with spring break, Acapulco in fact has a longer history of receiving young tourists from the US in search of fun and adventure.

One of the reasons why Mexico is such a popular destination for college students on spring break is that unlike the US where in many stats you have to be 21 to enjoy full adult privileges, the legal age for everything in Mexico is 18.

Spring Break Acapulco Beaches

Acapulco is located in the south west of Mexico and is a few hours flight away from most major cities in the US. Acapulco, like Cancun, is located on the sea shore which means it has many beautiful sunny beaches to offer it’s visitors. Most people on spring break in Acapulco tend to spend their days just relaxing on the beaches, soaking up the rays and working on their tan. There are a whole host of beach related activities available in Acapulco ranging from volley ball to banana boat rides to Jet Ski rental to scuba diving.

Acapulco Spring Break Night Life

During the evenings when the weather cools down in Acapulco is when the nightlife heats up. Acapulco has an excellent range of clubs that spring to life during the nights and regardless of your taste in music there will be something to cater to you. During spring break many clubs put on special spring break themed nights at the clubs.

Spring Break Acapulco Hotels

Acapulco is a well established tourist destination with a good infrastructure. There are plenty of hotels for you to choose from. However, if you are going to Acapulco during spring break you would be well advised to book your accommodation ahead of time. Often, many of the best hotels with the best facilities become fully booked during spring break.



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