Italian Stone Pine

Want to buy an Italian stone pine tree? Want to know how to plant, grow, cultivate and care for your stone pine tree? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Italian stone pine trees belong to the Pinaceae family of pine trees and are originally native to countries in the south of Europe that border the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain and Italy. Although originally from here, Italian pine trees can commonly be found in all corners of the world as horticultural enthusiasts are keen to grow them for their distinctive and beautiful umbrella shape. In addition to its beauty however, Italian pine trees have traditionally been cultivated for their seeds which are edible

Italian Stone Pine Growth Height

Italian stone pine trees grow to be on average between 10-20 meters in height although it is not entirely uncommon for a tree to reach up to 25 meters in height.  Aside from its distinctive umbrella shape, the Italian stone pine tree has a peculiar reddish brown bark that is thick and split into long vertical plates.

Italian Stone Pine Care

One of the appealing characteristics of Italian stone pine trees to horticulturalists is that they are rather sturdy trees that are likely to grow easily with only the slightest of attention and care. Most owners of Italian stone pine trees claim success at growing these trees without any use of fertilizer or special pruning, and in fact little more than a regular watering is needed by way of care for these trees.

In addition, the Italian stone pine tree is known to be versatile and able to flourish in a variety of different soil types (including alkaline soils) and climatic conditions. During modern times the Italian stone pine tree has been planted extensively throughout North America, mainly by private individuals on their own land, and in general reports on their growth have been good. The only potential issue you need be aware of is if you live in a particularly northern latitude where winters are bitterly cold. In such climates the Italian stone pine is likely to suffer damage to its leaves during the winter months.

Italian Stone Pine Cultivation

Italian stone pine trees have been cultivated by man for as long as 6,000 years. Originally prized for their edible seeds, Italian stone pine trees were transported along the old sea trade routes and ended up being planted in countries as far away as the Middle East, South Africa and even Australia.

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