Swedish Fish Flavors

Swedish Fish Flavors are very popular with people around the world. They are chewy fish shaped candies that have special flavors, first made by the Swedes and subsequently exported specifically to North America…

A company by the name of Malaco, who specialized in Swedish confectionery, was the catalyst who first introduced Swedish candy to the USA.  As his exports grew, he later created different kinds of candies that were synonymous with Sweden.  We all know that the Swedes love their fish.  So much so that they decided to make candy, that looks like fish as well.  It was in the late 1970s that Swedish Fish flavors were developed for the American market.

It was that wonderful flavor which kept them buying

The Swedish confectioneries knew exactly how to tickle their customer’s taste buds and came up with a few incredibly flavorful fish. Red-cherry, Yellow-lemon, Orange-orange, Current-grape and Green-lime.   The fish were also produced with the word “Swedish” embossed on their sides.

A great product never dies

Today the North Americans and the rest of the world for that matter, consume the Swedish Fish that is made by the Cadbury Adams Company.  They purchased the brand from Leaf back in 2006 and it is rumored that that is when they discontinued the grape flavored Swedish Fish.  However, to make things better, they introduced a salmiak-flavored black fish, which has a salty liquorice taste that reminds the Swedes especially, of a salted herring.

A tradition that is still practiced today

The ingredients and flavors of Swedish Fish have not changed over the years.  This candy is one of the few gummy varieties that does not contain gelatin.  It has ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, white mineral oil and artificial flavors to name a few.

What happens in Sweden?

The Swedish Fish candy is known as “pastellfiskar” which literally means pastel colored fish.  So you can guess that the Fish candy in Sweden is paler in color and more translucent, except for the black ones of course.  The Swedish version is said to be less sweet but fruitier in taste.  The yellow fish in particular is tangier. The green fish flavor is also not associated with lime, but rather with apple or pear.

The Swedes apparently love their wine gum candies and huge amounts are sold each year.  They have taken it even further and have introduced all kinds of shapes such as flowers, coins, guns, cars, boats, starfish, dolphins, puffer fish, seahorses and rats.  The fish shape is just one of the many shapes of gummy candies available in Sweden today.

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