Italian Train Fares

Going on vacation to Italy? Want to travel around the country by train? Then you need to aquaint yourself with the system of train fares used on the Italian train network. Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Hopping on to the train is the best way to explore Italy. The well established railway network connects all the major cities of Italy making it extremely convenient for the traveler. The number one reason why people choose to travel by train is because it is cheap. One will be able to save up if he travels by train rather than road. As it is traveling by road has it’s frustrations like finding parking spots etc. Traveling by train on the other hand lets you hop on and off where and when you will. The inexpensive tickets coupled with the excellence of the railway networks has made traveling by train the number one choice for many people.

Eurostar Train Fares Italy

There are a number of train services running in Italy. The train fare varies according to the kind of train that you will be choosing. The faster trains like the Eurostar are generally more expensive than the direct and inter-regional trains. Every train service offers you first class and standard class travel. Generally the added comfort and services of first class traveling is going to raise the fare. Most of the train services require you to book a seat in advance. Often the service providers come up with schemes that let you save up on money the more you book your seat in advance.

Train Fares Prices

Train travel is extremely popular in Italy and the situation is pretty constant all year round. August is the only lull period for train traveling. Apart from the dropped down rates in this month the rates remain fairly constant the whole year round. If you need to get a one time and one way ticket only, then the fare will be relative to the distance that you will be traveling amongst the other things. The departure and arrival timings also make a difference as the trains that travel during peak hours tend to have higher rates than those that travel on awkward times.

Italian Train Fare Validity

The train service providers have come up with some beneficial schemes for frequent travelers. Through these schemes a frequent traveler can cut down on his traveling expenses a great deal. In Italy and other places around Europe train services offer their travelers a rail pass. This is a ticket through which you can avail between three to ten days of train traveling. The validity of a rail pass is usually two months but this is subject to change. With a rail pass you can make a number of trips in a day as it works on a daily basis and not on a per trip basis. The charges of a rail pass vary according to the number of days that it is taken for plus the kind of service that is being sought.

Buying Train Tickets in Italy

Buying a train ticket has been made real easy by the Italians. You can walk right up to a service window in a train station and buy it from their sales assistant if you want. The easier option is to use the automated ticket machines that are plotted on each station. You also have travel agents that deal in train travel but getting a ticket through this means may end up costing you more. Lastly you can easily book yourself a ticket on the internet.

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