Italian Wingtip Shoes

Would you like to buy yourself a pair of classy Italian wingtip shoes? Are you curious to know about the things to look for when buying the ever popular wingtip design available in Italian shoes? Then read our informative and factual guide…

Most people who are fashion conscious know what men’s Italian wingtip shoes are all about. The wingtips are what make these shoes stand out. The style is a must have if you move around in corporate circles. Wingtip shoes have a characteristic pointed and decorative toe box; this is the part of the shoe which has a leather covering encompassing the toe of the shoe; the toe box extends downwards towards the throat of the footwear.

Now, while most men know what Italian wingtip shoes look like, few of them know about how to purchase a good pair that will look sophisticated and offer all the comfort that comes with Italian made footwear.

While buying Italian wingtip shoes; it is vital to consider several factors such as the color of the footwear (they are available in all the popular colors including black, brown, oxblood and more). The next thing to look at is the style and of course the ever important consideration the price of the pair.

However, that’s not all, there are several other aspects that should be closely analyzed when buying a pair of Italian wingtip shoes; after all these shoes can be an expensive acquisition so it’s essential to choose correctly.

When looking at the style of the shoe, it is imperative to understand that it never makes sense to forego comfort in favor of style. Often, you will find wingtip shoes that look fabulous but they are too narrow in the toe area, constricting movement or too small or very large. All of these factors will lead to foot related concerns including ugly and painful blisters, calluses, foot fatigue, uneasiness and of course the risk of permanent deformity. So, the first consideration should be the fit of the shoe, you need to ensure that with your socks on the shoes fit snugly with enough room for your toes to move and your skin to breathe.

Also, remember to check the soles of the shoes; they should be sturdy so that they can last for long while offering your feet all the support that they need; yet they should be comfortable enough to avoid foot fatigue. Pick a pair made from leather with a smooth and fine grain that looks more elegant than the shiny commercially manufactured shoes.

You will find that branded wingtip shoes are significantly more expensive than their non branded counterparts; however, most people fail to realize that the durability of branded products will often offset the higher cost of these shoes.

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